Nindy Ayunda Shows Vacation in Bali, Dito’s Figure Suspected of Having an Affair So Witness in the KPK Case?

Nindy Ayunda Shows Vacation in Bali, Dito's Figure Suspected of Having an Affair So Witness in the KPK Case?

Nindy Ayunda’s Divorce

Nindy Ayunda chose to focus on her activities, including showing off the vlogs recorded during her three holidays in Bali. Meanwhile, Askara is curious about Dito’s figure and suspects that the man is related to the KPK case.

Wow, cool – Nindy Ayunda or who is familiarly called Nindy did not want to respond to allegations of infidelity with a figure allegedly named Mahendra Dito S alias Dito. Instead of speaking up, Nindy was engrossed in showing off a vlog she recorded while on vacation in Bali with her two children, Abhi and Kanara.

In the video, Nindy looks happy while spending time with her two children. Not only swimming in the pool, the children also had time to go to the beach. Nindy also intends to pamper her children with toys.

Seeing the happy expressions of Nindy and her family, Netters also gave their support. “Cheers ma’am.. I don’t want to judge anything because the only one who knows what really happened is you and your family. This will also fit. Hopefully everything will get better soon so that the relationship can be maintained, “said fans.”Be happy, madam, with 2 little angels who inspire your life, madam… whose name is life, if there is a problem, think of it as aza ifu exams, if you can pass it means you can enter class… whatever the decision later, you have to live with your father son“please netters.

Previously, the Askara family leaked a figure named Mahendra Dito S alias Dito in a podcast with Nikita Mirzani. When discussing the photo of Nindy and Dito looking together in the swimming pool, Nikita had time to laugh and make satire.

“This is still someone else’s wife, still in the process of divorce, uhuy,” said Nikita looking happy. “We have to find out,” Kinenta said. “You have to find out,” said Nikita. “When Nindy went to Bali, he posted a photo (in the swimming pool). It turns out that Dito also posted the same photo,” said Kinenta.

“You’re welcome, it can’t be a coincidence, huh,” said Nikita enthusiastically. The position of the duck is the same. But she is not divorced yet has a husband, why are you alone? What is this? This must be swimming together,” exclaimed Nikita. “While drinking,” said Wulan, who is also a relative from Askara’s side. “Beer, yes, I know the brand. You guys are still husband and wife, you can’t go out with other men,” said Nikita.

Surprisingly, Wulan admitted that he met Dito when Kinenta’s wife, Wina, was reported to the police. Wulan initially suspected that Dito was a person associated with the KPK case.

“At that time there was one online media and it was definitely not fake media,” said Wulan. “So the name in question, this is my guess, he is the one who has a big case at the KPK.”

Regarding this news, the name Mahendra Dito S alias Dito had indeed been reviewed in a number of media. At that time, a businessman with a similar name was used as a witness in a bribery and gratification case related to case management at the Supreme Court (MA). However, it is not yet known whether the person linked to the KPK case is indeed Dito, who is reportedly a special friend of Nindy or just coincidentally has a similar name.


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