More than just paying claims, insurance provides security guarantees during a pandemic The current Covid-19 pandemic has made people more aware of the importance of maintaining health.

Those who initially didn’t really care about their health slowly began to improve their lifestyle by diligently exercising, eating nutritious food, and sunbathing every morning.

Not only that, some of them also protect themselves and their families by having insurance.

Talking about insurance, not many people know the meaning of insurance.

Insurance provides protection from risks that may occur in the future. The presence of insurance can help cover the costs you have to spend on treatment and care, so you can maintain your financial condition when something happens.

Often, one has to bear the costs when experiencing an unforeseen event. Even if there are savings and monthly income, it can interfere with financial planning.

In such conditions, the insurance function is needed. With insurance, customers can get a sense of security and assurance in the future.

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The risks covered by insurance vary, depending on the type. For example, health insurance can cover the cost of hospitalization, either because the patient falls ill or due to an accident. Furthermore, life insurance that provides benefits if the insured dies.

Insurance for investment?

In principle, insurance is owned for long-term protection needs. Although in general insurance products are widely known in two products, namely traditional insurance or traditional insurance full protection and unit link.

Coverage full protection provides protection for users against one or more types of risk by providing payment or reimbursement to the heirs or heirs if the person concerned dies. If the context is for health protection, the benefits that can be provided to the insured.

On insurance full protection, insurance premiums paid in full are used to cover all losses or matters relating to what is insured in accordance with the provisions of the policy.

Meanwhile, insurance unit link is an insurance product that provides insurance protection benefits as well as investment. Thus, the premium paid by the customer will be divided for protection and investment benefits according to the type of risk profile chosen.

Keep in mind, investment returns also have risks and can change at any time according to capital market developments. Although it has an added value of investment, unit link remains an insurance product so that its main focus is on providing protection to customers.

Choosing the right insurance

The right insurance product can protect policyholders from life risks. DOCK. AIA The right insurance product can protect policyholders from life risks.

The many choices of insurance products can make people who are buying insurance products for the first time confused. Therefore, determine the purpose before choosing an insurance product, whether for long-term protection or investment considerations.

In addition, it is important to learn about insurance products and the background of the company that is the insurance provider.

Therefore, do research on the financial capabilities and reputation of the insurance company as a material consideration. Prospective customers can see the track record of the insurance company’s performance, especially in terms of customer claim payment commitments.

Every insurance company usually has an insurance agent. You can dig up detailed product information to an insurance agent. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you can about the terms of the product in order to get the maximum benefit and not violate the provisions.

Customers can also estimate when is the right time to start having insurance. This depends on the various needs of prospective customers. For example, the need for protection for young families is certainly different from the need for professional insurance that still exists bachelor. This will affect the amount of premium to be paid.

However, insurance must be prepared early because it can minimize risks that can occur at any time.

Insurance companies contribute to society

During the pandemic, insurance companies not only play a role in providing protection and payment of claims to policyholders, but also help people affected by the pandemic.

In Indonesia, the insurance company that contributes to this is AIA.

AIA is active in helping Indonesians live healthy lives through a series of social action activities entitled “AIA is Healthy for the Nation”. This activity is a quick response to help deal with the pandemic in the community.

Through this program, AIA has provided beds for the Covid-19 Hajj Dormitory Emergency Hospital, East Jakarta.

In addition, AIA also initiated a donation program in the form of sports with the community. Donations from the public will be converted by AIA into oxygen cylinders and medical supplies which will be distributed to Regional General Hospitals (RSUD) and Puskesmas spread across five provinces in Indonesia.


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