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Suteng is a household assistant (ART) in Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah’s family as well as Arsy’s caregiver.

Suteng, whose real name is Suwarsih, has been working at the artist couple’s home for more than six years.

Therefore, according to TribunStyle.com, Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah consider Suteng as family.

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Recently, Suteng surprised his employer.

Why not, Suteng suddenly asked for permission to return to his hometown because his family was engaged and soon to be married.

“I was told to go home with my sister,” said Suteng, quoted from the YouTube channel The Hermansyah A6, Sunday (1/8/2021).

“Go home? How suddenly?” another Ashanty employee said.

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“No, it’s been WA since last night,” said Suteng again.

Furthermore, Suteng also explained the reason for asking to go home suddenly.

“I want to know the man,” he explained.

Not long after, Ashanty entered the room with Anang.

Ashanty’s employees then told Suteng about Suteng’s intention to suddenly want to go home.

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Hearing that Suteng will be arranged and married, Ashanty looks shocked.

“Hah? Lie!” Ashanti said.

Anang Hermansyah who was present at the discussion actually supported Suteng if he really intended to get married.

“Still want to get married, Teng? Yes, it’s okay to get married,” said Anang Hermansyah.

“Indeed, where did you get married, what day did you meet, that’s true. (Her husband later) told me to work here too, it’s okay, “continued Anang.

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However, Suteng immediately refused and said he did not want to remarry.

The family’s decision to match him was because his parents couldn’t bear to see Suteng living alone without a man by his side.

“Because I was alone,” said Suteng.

“That’s it,” said Ashanty.

Even though Suteng has already been arranged, it seems that Suteng has no desire to remarry.

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Ashanty then continues to try to prevent Suteng from coming home.

“Don’t be like that, Teng. Have you ever thought about the afterlife,” said Ashanty.

Ashanty then gave conditions to Suteng to be conveyed to people who wanted to marry him.

“The conditions are ‘you can get married, the important thing is to keep working, you guys… we meet every now and then,” concluded Ashanty.

Even though Anang and Ashanty have given a lot of advice, Suteng seems to still insist on going home.


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