Message of Raffi Ahmad’s father’s death revealed by Amy Qanita After 15 years, Munawar Ahmad’s words are now a reality

image.ID – Raffi Ahmad’s mother, Amy Qanita suddenly remembered her late husband.

Amy Qanita remembers Munawar Ahmad’s last message before he died.

Through her Instagram social media account, Amy Qanita on Wednesday (21/7/2021) shared a video showing Nisya Ahmad singing.

In the upload, Nisya Ahmad covers a song whose lyrics talk about the figure of a father.

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Father – Nur Satriatama Moersid (Cover by Nisya),” wrote Amy in the Instagram caption @amy_r_qanita, quoted image.ID on Friday (23/7/2021).

Said Amy Qanita, before leaving Munawar Ahmad had left his three children with him.

At that time, Munawar said that in the future his children would become a valuable asset for Amy Qanita.

The day before the deceased died, he gave a message like this: ‘Take care of the children, Raffi, Nisya, Pineapple. Insyaallah they will all be diamonds for mama’,said Amy.

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For Amy Qanita, that message is now a reality.

It doesn’t feel like time is running, the children have grown up, even now there are many cute grandchildren.” she says.

Alhamdulillah, the deceased’s prayer was answered.” she says.

Furthermore, Amy Qanita hopes that Munawar Ahmad’s soul will be enlightened by the goodness of his children who live well in this world.

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May the goodness of our children and grandchildren continue to flow to the deceased. Amen Al Fatihah,said Amy.

Showing a video of Nisya Ahmad singing a song full of emotion, Amy Qanita remembers Raffi Ahmad's father's message before he died.


Showing a video of Nisya Ahmad singing a song full of emotion, Amy Qanita remembers Raffi Ahmad’s father’s message before he died.

As is known, Munawar Ahmad died when Raffi was 16 years old, in 2006 ago.

He left 3 children, namely Raffi Ahmad, Nisya Ahmad, and Syahnaz Sadiqah.

Since his father’s departure, Raffi Ahmad has become the breadwinner of the family.

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Launch Youtube Netmediatama On Tuesday (10/3/2020), the departure of his father had made Raffi lost.

Raffi’s father is an idol and role model.

“I want to sleep, I can’t sleep. I also had time, ‘Oh my God, why is my life so hard now’ I had to lose my father who didn’t know where to go,” said Raffi.

However, young Raffi Ahmad managed to rise and is now achieving success.

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“But after I thought about it, after I thought about it, I also continued, yes maybe this is the way,” he concluded.

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