Meet Vicky Prasetyo’s wife before she died, Mbak You’s figure was revealed about her first and last boyfriend until Kalina Ocktaranny was shocked by the tragic story of a paranormal ex-lover

Figure.ID – Sad news from the entertainment world in the country, the famous fortune teller Mbak You passed away not long ago.

Mbak You’s name skyrocketed as a famous psychic after several times predicting many events that turned out to be true.

It didn’t stop there, it turned out that Mbak You had also been in the spotlight because her prediction was said to have offended several parties.

But behind all these controversies, Mbak You is just an ordinary woman who does not escape the love story.

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Even some time ago, Mbak You revealed that she was married to a snake which made the public excited.

In addition, it turns out that there is a love story that Mbak You shared with presenter Vicky Prasetyo’s wife, Kalina Ocktaranny.

It’s not that you’ve never been in a romantic relationship with a man, it turns out that Mbak You has a heart-wrenching love story.

It’s no secret, until death picks you up, you don’t have a partner.

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However, it turns out that Mbak You revealed that she had an affair with a supernatural figure named Kyai Slamet.

Talking about romance, Mbak You revealed that she had a lover in the past.

This was acknowledged by Ms You on Vika Entertainment’s Youtube channel when she was a guest star last April.

Together with Kalina Ocktaranny, Mbak You reveals the secret of her love story.

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Screenshot of #KalinaBicara Mbak You Predicting My Future How Can It Be Entertainment

Screenshot of #KalinaBicara Mbak You Predicting My Future How Can It Be

“Speaking of reality, I last dated 24 years ago,” said Mbak You.

“That’s the first date?” Kalina asked.

“That’s the first and last,” answered Mbak You.

“And why?” Kalina asked curiously.

“At that time we studied in Yogyakarta. We rode motorcycles. I often go back and forth like that. I went to Salatiga by motorbike. When we go to Semarang, we ride motorbikes. If I tell stories like this it feels stuffy, I don’t feel well. So we rode a motorbike, on the way there was an accident and my girlfriend died,” explained Mbak You.

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Kalina immediately apologized after hearing Mbak You’s story.

But Mbak You insists that she is fine.

Then Mbak you continue her love story in the past.

“I was in the hospital for a long time, but I was told that I was still alive (Mbak You’s boyfriend)”, said Mbak You.

Mbak You explained that the accident occurred during drizzle.

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The motorcycle he was riding with his girlfriend hit a bulldozer that was being used to repair the road.

Mbak You told that her boyfriend died on the spot.

After the death of her lover, Mbak You admitted that she still remembers her former lover.

“Until now I still hear voices, remember who died. His name is Danar,” said Mbak You.


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