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MASTERCHEF Indonesia (MCI) Season 8 Episode 17 leaves six participants, namely Adi, Bryan, Wynne, Nadya, Jenny, and Jesselyn. The three judges, Chef Juna, Chef Arnold and Chef Renatta Moeloek immediately gave the challenge of processing food from flour, milk and nuts.

The participants are asked to come forward, take a lottery from the material that has been provided by the jury. The first to come forward was Nadya as the winner of the previous challenge and received a menu of processed oats.

MCI judges

Next in sequence there is Jesselyn with Pistachio, Lord Adi processes Rice, Jenny Tea gets Hazelnuts, Wynne with Almonds and lastly there is Bryan who has to process food with Coconut ingredients.

After finishing cooking for 60 minutes, for the first time the judges called all participants to present their dishes to the front!

Judging for the Sixth Participant

Jesselyn MCI8

As if realizing that the competition was getting closer to the top, the participants seemed to immediately step on the gas to give their best performance.

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The first to be called was Jesselyn, who produced the Pistachio Green Curry. Overall, it gets good comments but the drawback is related to the curry preparation which is considered a bit ambiguous.


Next is Mr. Adi who processes the rice ingredients into Nasi Putu with the Lamb Masala Curry menu. When tasting the food, the three judges simultaneously praised the taste of the food from the participant nicknamed ‘Lord’, but as usual, the bad plating was the thing that the judges highlighted the most.

After Mr. Adi, it was Wynne’s turn who was asked to come forward to serve his dish, which he made on the Almond Bread menu. Surprisingly, the jury praised Wynne’s almond bread, but unfortunately some of the other spices were judged to be lacking and even messed up the deliciousness of the bread.

Then it was Bryan’s turn to serve up the Pan Seared Red Snapper menu. For the first time, Bryan created an Indonesian Food menu with the theme of curry, which was immediately announced by the jury.

“This is inspired by Jerry (re: MCI Season 7 champion), yes,” said Chef Renatta who immediately agreed with Bryan.

The concept is good, but unfortunately for Bryan the fish seasoning as the main menu of his dish was judged inappropriate by the three judges.

Nadya MCI

After Bryan, there was Nadya who served Plated Apple Crumble, where the jury highlighted the plating of participants who were reportedly close to Bryan.

Finally, there was a participant from Sunda, Teh Jenny, who came forward and served a dessert, namely Hazelnut Cake Layer. In terms of taste, the dessert was praised, but the jury highlighted the thickness of the cake itself.

“The cake is delicious, but the chocolate layer on top is too thick,” commented Chef Arnold.

The Jury Praises The Participants’ Overall Appearance

After tasting and assessing the six participants, Chef Juna, Chef Arnold and Chef Renatta, praised the participants.

“Honestly, after tasting all of your cooking, the results were pretty tight. The competition is very tight,” said Chef Renatta.

Lord Adi

Finally, the three judges decided that Lord Adi won the Milk and Flour challenge. Despite the poor presentation, Adi’s food tasted the best by the three judges.

Adi also celebrates his victory proudly. This is Adi’s first win at the MasterChef Indonesia Gallery to become Top6. “Finally the jury admitted my cooking was delicious,” he said with a smile.

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