Marvel What If Episode 2: T’Challa Star-Lord Discussion!

In Marvel What if episode 1, we are shown an alternate reality where circumstances make Peggy Carter a Super Soldier.

Well if for What if episode 2, the focus now is on an alternate reality where T’Challa is Yondu’s adopted son, as well as Star-Lord.

Then what happen? Check out Marvel’s discussion What if next 2 episodes!

1. Root of difference

Marvel Discussion What If Episode 2: T'Challa Becomes Star-Lord!Disney+ Hotstar/What If…?

The cause of this great historical change was simple: The Ravagers kidnapped the wrong child.

They didn’t kidnap Peter Quill like they should. The one they took was T’Challa.

Little T’Challa himself seemed to want an adventure, but his father forbade it. I think the factor of T’Challa wanting to have an adventure is also in the real world, but there T’Challa doesn’t meet Yondu.

After being kidnapped by the Ravagers, he is excited for the opportunity to explore the universe.

From then on, Peter Quill was left on Earth and led an ordinary life, while T’Challa became Star-Lord.

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2. T’Challa’s version of Star-Lord creates peace in outer space

Marvel Discussion What If Episode 2: T'Challa Becomes Star-Lord!T’Challa as Star-Lord and Yondu. Dock. Marvel Studios

I actually find it funny too, What if Episode 2 seems to say that Peter Quill is not a good hero.

When T’Challa was put in Quill’s position, he became a very good boy to Yondu. In fact, T’Chala seems to be pointing the Ravager in a better direction.

Most extreme? T’Challa could get Thanos to abandon his plans to annihilate the universe, apparently with just a solid argument. Thanos instead becomes a Ravager, and acknowledges T’Challa as his commander. This is crazy.

From what we heard, T’Challa managed to save many parties. Even the Drax family was still living in this reality. Apparently, the planets that were supposed to be Thanos’ victims are actually safe.

As a result, Star-Lord is really popular in the universe. To the extent that Korath not only heard the name Star-Lord before they met, but also reacted like fanboy who met his idol when he met.

In fact, because of that, Korath was recruited as a member of the Ravager.

But that doesn’t mean the universe is fine.

3. In a world where Thanos decides to be good, Collectors are a big threat

Marvel Discussion What If Episode 2: T'Challa Becomes Star-Lord!Disney+ Hotstar/What If…?

What’s surprising here is that The Collector fills the position as a threat the universe fears, after Thanos stepped down.

T’Challa’s mission here is to steal from the Collector. When the situation worsens, T’Challa must fight the Collector.

Collector at GotG and Unlimited War feel bad about being a threat here. Mainly because he had collectibles that seemed to indicate that he had killed several characters, or that these characters had died because of the other party and he amassed their arsenal.

Collectors use equipment from Korg and Hela. To Korg, the Collector even specifically mentioned him snatching the stone hand from the noisy Kronan.

Then when the Collector unveils his weapon, he reveals Captain America’s shield, the dagger dark fairy, Mjolnir, and Hela’s helmet and weapons.

So while some universes are safe, there are also universes that fall victim to the Collector and his men. From what we can see, this means the Collectors are after Asgard, possibly Svartalfheim, possibly Hel (unless Hela appears here earlier as Odin also dies early), and Earth.

As for Captain America, he still has to be frozen in 2008. So I suspect Steve Rogers and his shield were found by the Collector first. What happened to Steve next is unknown.

I want to know why this change happened. Did T’Challa’s good deeds and Thanos’ absence really give the Collector a chance to target this world?

Or because the Collector got the Dark Order because Thanos was so good?

I am very happy to see Collectors at-fan this way. In fact, when I first saw it on GotG, I thought there would be a moment where the Collector battles his collection.

Finally it really happened in What if.

4. T’Challa is finally back in Wakanda

Marvel Discussion What If Episode 2: T'Challa Becomes Star-Lord!Disney+ Hotstar/What If…?

Initially, T’Challa claimed to hear Wakanda, his homeland, had been destroyed.

But Yondu turned out to be lying. Wakanda is doing well, and for years T’Chaka has been searching for his suddenly missing child.

T’Challa is very angry with Yondu because of this lie

But the father and son relationship eventually improved. Especially after Yondu and Star-Lord teamed up to defeat the Collector.

Anyways, I think Yondu’s action against the Collector is what would happen if Yondu fought Thanos in real life. Yondu might be able to hurt Thanos, but Thanos might be able to catch the Arrow Yaka from Yondu and destroy it, so Yondu must use other means to fight it.

After the conflict with the Collectors ended, T’Challa and the Ravagers finally came to Earth. Wakanda welcomes the return of their prince, as well as the Ravager who accompanies him.

If you’re confused as to why T’Chaka is still alive, it’s supposed to be 2008. The flashback to the kidnapped T’Challa is 1988, so the timeline says 20 years have passed. T’Chaka should have just died in 2016.

If I see timeline MCU, this is just the MCU phase 1. The film that is set in 2008 is Amazing Hulk and Iron Man.

Steve Rogers shouldn’t be out of the ice yet. He should have woken up in 2011 or 2012.

5. Ego can bring the universe to an end?

Marvel Discussion What If Episode 2: T'Challa Becomes Star-Lord!Disney+ Hotstar/What If…?

When I watched the first GotG 2, I thought that Ego was not handled by Guard, he could be more dangerous than Thanos. Especially if the plan works.

The ego really seems to be a big threat in this reality.

Eventually What if episode 2, we are shown that Peter Quill really lives an ordinary life. Instead of being a space hero, he seems to be an employee of a fast food restaurant.

Then Ego the Living Planet met him sooner than he should have. Not that around 2014, a few months after the first GotG, Ego had already found Peter in 2008.

Uatu the Watcher even recounted that the meeting might mean the end of the world. Creepy too.

The danger here is that Peter will be completely alone with Ego. He will not come to see Ego with his friends. The ego can manipulate it faster and easier.

At the very least, if Ego’s plan starts to work, Yondu will probably know that the cause is Ego and he can guide T’Challa to fight the dangerous creature.

Well, that’s the discussion of Marvel What if episode 2. In a way, T’Challa seems to be a much better Star-Lord than Peter Quill. On the other hand, it seems that T’Challa’s actions still can’t save everyone, and there are parts of the universe that are falling victim to the Collector.

There was also the possibility that Ego would become a major threat if Yondu and T’Chala were too late to stop him.

I was afraid that even if Yondu and T’Challa could stop Ego, they would only react after Ego’s plan was accomplished. That means there will be some planets that cannot be saved. Including, perhaps, Earth. Unless Wakanda’s technology can prevent that situation.

What do you think? Say it in the comments column!

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