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GridPop.ID – The age difference is no longer a barrier to marriage.

However, marrying a partner who has a fairly large age difference has its own challenges.

Because both grow and develop in different time zones.

Reporting from the page, according to research conducted by Emory University in the United States, couples with a one-year age difference are most likely to be able to overcome existing household problems, with only a 3 percent chance of divorce.

The odds of divorce rose to 18 percent for the five-year age difference and 39 percent for the 10-year age difference.

Meanwhile, marriages with a 20-year age gap looked bleaker with a 95 percent chance of having acute relationship problems that led to divorce.

This is what is experienced by today’s stars after deciding to marry a 73-year-old grandfather.

After a year of marriage, he decided to end his household.

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Reported by quoting from the Bastille Post page, Friday (22/3/2019), Thai adult artist Kesarin Chaichalermpol or Nong Nat, is married to an American businessman Harold Jennings Nesland.

Even though he was out of town, this 73-year-old grandfather married an adult film star. After a year of marriage, he immediately divorced.


Even though he was out of town, this 73-year-old grandfather married an adult film star. After a year of marriage, he immediately divorced.

Currently, Nong Nat’s age was 34 while Harold was 73 which was of course quite a distance.

However, after several months of marriage, Nong Nat decided to divorce her husband.

He even returned to his previous job as an adult film star.

He also hopes to find a suitable partner.

Although her ex-husband is old, he has abundant wealth and wealth and certainly will not lack financially.

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However, after the divorce, Nong Nat was no longer in touch and asked for a living from her ex-husband.

Even so, he admitted that his relationship was still fine. Nong Nat claimed to be able to live by earning his own money.

Referring to the reason for his divorce with Harold, it seems that Nong Nat or more familiarly called Nana is not satisfied with his marriage.

She felt her relationship with her husband was like, a ‘father to son’ relationship when he was at home.

Nong Nat is worried about his health.

She was afraid that her husband could have a heart attack at any moment. So he proposed a divorce.

“He is very old. He needs someone who can take care of him all the time,” Nana said in an interview.

After the divorce, Nana continues to be approached by at least 100 men who are after her.

However, now he admits he is very careful for fear of choosing the wrong partner again.

For him, he wants to find a partner with the same nationality as him and financial security for the last 5 years.

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