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The Head of the Higher Education Service Institute (LLDikti) Region VI Central Java, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Zainuri, DEA., when contacted in Semarang, Thursday (16/9/2021). –Photo: Arixc Ardana

SEMARANG – The Higher Education Service Institution (LLDikti) Region VI Central Java, still found irregularities in the distribution or use of the Smart Indonesia Card (KIP) scholarships to students at a number of Private Universities (PTS) in Central Java.

“There are several types of irregularities in the distribution of KIP scholarships, ranging from registration fees, deviations from living expenses. There are also students who are asked to sign proof of bank transfer deposits, using student living expenses funds from students. account to account in the name of PTS,” said the Head of LLDikti VI Central Java, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Zainuri, DEA., when contacted in Semarang, Thursday (16/9/2021).

Another deviation that they managed to find was that semester 1 and 2 students did not use the cost of living properly.

“After the student’s savings book and bank account are given to PTS at the end of semester 2, the remaining living cost funds are still a little from the rest of the PTS administrative fee deductions,” he continued.

There are also students who have not disbursed their living expenses and are unable to pay according to the PTS bill, are asked to make a statement requesting a delay in payment with the option of paying in installments every month and bringing in new students.

“We also found that there were students who received KIP who previously registered through the regular route, had already paid tuition, DPA/Building, and SPP. This is not true,” he said.

They emphasized that the findings had also been submitted to all private universities in Central Java that received KIP scholarships for immediate evaluation.

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Secretary of LLDikti Region VI Central Java, Dr. Lukman, ST. M.Hum., emphasized that in response to these findings, his party asked the relevant PTS to return the funds that had been paid by Bidikmisi students/KIP Lectures.

“This is mandatory. So it must be returned. The university concerned is given 7 x 24 hours to return all funds issued by students receiving Bidikmisi/KIP Lectures and the remaining deductions from the funds, in accordance with the provisions of the Single Tuition Fee Assistance (UKT) or SPP,” he said.

Not only that, his party also emphasized that universities are obliged to provide and protect the rights of students receiving Bidikmisi/KIP Lectures and UKT/SPP Assistance.

“Universities are prohibited from collecting fees from students receiving Bidikmisi/KIP in accordance with the applicable provisions and guidelines for Bidikmisi/KIP Lectures. If in the future it is found a violation of the provisions of the specified UKT/SPP KIP Lectures and Assistance, then all services provided to universities will not be provided, “said Lukman, regarding the sanctions given to the higher education PTS. still stubborn.

Asked about the application for KIP scholarships, Lukman explained, the quota was not given to universities that were receiving academic sanctions from the center or guidance from LLDikti Region VI, or were in the process of dispute or in the process of transferring students.

“Scholarship arrangements for each study program are given entirely to each university,” he concluded.

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