Mall Managers: 85 Percent of Shopping Centers Ready to Check Vaccine Certificates – One of the main requirements for entering a shopping center or mall during the extension of the Level 4 Community Activity Restriction (PPKM) is to bring a vaccine certificate in the PeduliLindung application. Implementing this requirement, mall managers must provide a QR code at all entrances.

Chairman of the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association (APPBI), Alphonzus Widjaja, said that currently 85 percent of shopping centers and malls in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya ready to carry out the mandatory inspection of vaccine certificates.

“So far, 85 percent of shopping centers are ready to use the PeduliLindung application in the field inspection system in each shopping center,” Alphonzus said at a press conference, Wednesday (11/8).

The remaining 15 percent is still in preparation for the PeduliLindung application’s QR code, to ensure mall operations can run smoothly.

“There are still shopping centers that are in the final stages of preparation, because to ensure inspections through the PeduliLindung crossbar there are no obstacles or very minimal obstacles. So there are still some who are preparing for this,” he explained.

During the trial period until August 16, 2021, shopping centers and malls are allowed to operate from 10:00 to 20:00 WIB with a maximum capacity of 25 percent.

All visitors including employees must have been vaccinated and proven by a vaccine certificate in the PeduliLindung application, in good health, and wearing masks. All visitors and employees are required to scan the QR code when entering and leaving the location so that it can be recorded properly.

Every Door’s QR Code is Different

every door is different

Providing QR codes is one of the main challenges in this trial period. Because, every door in a shopping center must have a different QR code.

“So what we have to do is produce a QR code from the Ministry of Health, then we print it for each shopping center. So it’s more or less an addition to the implementation of the mandatory vaccination protocol,” said Alphonzus.

Other additions also exist in terms of Human Resources (HR). Temporarily or during the trial period, the shopping center manager must add several officers to ensure the smooth implementation of the prokes.

Meanwhile, those who have not or cannot be vaccinated for health reasons or are Covid-19 survivors, must show evidence of negative antigen test results (maximum 1 × 24 hours) or evidence of negative PCR test results (maximum 2 × 24 hours) accompanied by a health certificate. ID CARD. In addition, it must also be accompanied by a certificate of health reasons.

Evidence of antigen and PCR tests must be accompanied by a digitally verifiable QR code.

Meanwhile, children under 12 years old and parents over 70 years old are not allowed to enter. Entertainment venues such as cinemas, children’s playgrounds, and other entertainment venues are still closed for the time being. Restaurants can only be ordered for takeout and delivery, except in open areas.

Reporter: Andina Librianty

Source: Liputan6


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