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GridStar.ID – Yuni Shara turned out to be a widow twice.

So far, the public only knows that Yuni Shara is Henry Siahaan’s ex-wife.

Yuni Shara and Henry Siahaan got married in 2002.

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However, Yuni Shara and Henry Siahaan’s marriage ended in divorce in 2008.

Previously, Yuni Shara was married to a man named Raymond Manthey in 1993.

At that time, Yuni Shara was only 21 years old.

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Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted four months.

Yuni Shara also publicly experienced domestic violence (KDRT) when she became Raymond Manthey’s wife.

The marriage of Yuni Shara and Raymond Manthey also did not get much media attention.

Unexpectedly, Yuni Shara’s marriage to Raymond Manthey which lasted a short time left a deep trauma for the singer.

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“Sex is not important. Let me explain first, yes, from my first marriage every day I was tamed, okay. That’s why I’m young, it’s very imprint. If, for example, I have a relationship, I will serve, yes,” Yuni Shara said as quoted from the East Tribune.

Deddy Corbuzier didn’t seem to believe the answer that came out of Yuni Shara’s mouth.

“Seriously, I’m talking to you because I want to try this person as normal, live a normal life, there is this and that, there’s no need to be taboo,” said Krisdayanti’s sister.

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The trauma of domestic violence by Raymond Manthey did not make Yuni Shara refuse her first husband’s invitation to have sex.

“Due to domestic violence, are you traumatized by touch? Can’t you enjoy the touch?” said Deddy Corbuzier.

“I really don’t (enjoy it). Pretend (enjoy). I don’t know what it’s like to have an orgasm. Formerly. Keep having sex, it’s hard to die (to have an orgasm). After that. that, I serve, yes, “said Yuni Shara.

Yuni Shara assessed that it was her status as a Javanese woman that might have made her continue to serve her husband.

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After divorcing Yuni Shara, Raymond Manthey is known to be dating Ussy Sulistiawaty.

However, Ussy Sulistiawaty’s mother was against the relationship.

After that, Raymond Manthey’s figure seemed to disappear as if swallowed by the earth.

But now an Instagram account with the name @raymanthey14 is circulating, which is suspected to be Yuni Shara’s ex-husband.

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As in the wedding photo with Yuni Shara that circulated, Raymond Manthey is still thin and tall.

Raymond Manthey looks to have many tattoos on his body.

After divorcing from Yuni Shara, Raymond Manthey remarried and again experienced divorce.

After Yuni Shara's Domestic Violence, Here's Raymond Manthey's Latest News

Instagram @raymanthey14

After Yuni Shara’s Domestic Violence, Here’s Raymond Manthey’s Latest News

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“Idul fitri, 2016. My beautiful ex wife and my two children anak,” he wrote in the photo caption, last September 28, 2016.

Raymond Manthey is now also known to have had children growing up.

After Yuni Shara's Domestic Violence, Here's Raymond Manthey's Latest News

Instagram @raymanthey14

After Yuni Shara’s Domestic Violence, Here’s Raymond Manthey’s Latest News

Netizens who were curious about Yuni Shara’s story also commented on Raymond Manthey’s last post.

Many claim to be curious after watching Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube post.


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