Like Durian Collapses! Family playing the same soap opera, Cindy Fatikasari and Tengku Firmansyah’s luxury house is in the spotlight – All Pages – If you like watching soap operas Tukang Ojek Pengkolan or TOP, you definitely know this pair.

After not being heard from for a long time, the couple Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari returned to acting in TOP.

In the comedy soap opera, this artist couple acts as husband and wife.

Tengku Firmansyah plays Ferdi, while Cindy Fatika plays Ummi Amira.

Ferdi and Amira are said to have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl named Faiz, Husna and Fadhil.

Like in the soap operas they starred in, Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy have 3 children.

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However, the first child was a girl and the second and third children were boys.

Their first daughter, Tengku Syaira Anataya (Caca) also plays in Tukang Ojek Pengkolan.

In TOP, their daughter plays Annisa who is the daughter of the family of Pak Firman (Ponco Buwono) and Ibu Sari (Lulu Kurnia).

A family who plays in the soap opera Tukang Ojek Pengkolan certainly brings its own blessings.

Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari's family

Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari’s family

Moreover, TOP soap operas are now the most popular soap operas.

This soap opera has reached 2,000 episodes and remains in the top five programs with the highest ratings.

Playing in the soap opera TOP, who would have thought that Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari had a dream luxury house.

The house they bought from the striping shooting.

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Jhon Jawir, who plays Jono in the soap opera Tukang Ojek Pengkolan, had the opportunity to visit the house of Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari.

Jono TOP was amazed when he entered Ferdi TOP’s house.

A strong modern feel is felt in Tengku Firmansyah’s residence.

“This house is very big. So very motivational. There is a kitchen near the living room,” said Jhon Jawir, in an upload on a YouTube video last September 2018.

Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari's family

Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari’s family

Jhon Jawir was also served steak at Tengku and Cindy’s house.

After eating, John then visited the lounge at Tengku and Cindy’s house.

“This is the living room, there is a kitchen, tv room, dining table. Wow, that’s really wide,” said Jono.

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Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari's family

Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari’s family

Not satisfied with that, Jhon Jawir then headed to the back of Tengku and Cindy’s house.

As soon as he opened the door, he was immediately amazed to see the view of the swimming pool which was quite spacious.

“Wow. Behind the house there is a swimming pool. So if you swim, you don’t have to pay,” said John.

He also highlighted the bird cage located behind Tengku Firmansyah’s house.

Jhon Jawir didn’t want to waste the opportunity to swim at Tengku Firmansyah’s house.

Towards the end of the video, Jhon Jawir then teases Tengku Firmansyah about tips for owning a luxury home.

“Who knows, they want to share tips so they can have a luxury house like this. May the luck be contagious, Aaamiin,” teased Jhon to Tengku.

Tengku just laughed at Jono TOP’s ridicule.

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