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Ivan Gunawan is a presenter who often plays on television.

In addition, Ivan Gunawan is also a successful designer and entrepreneur.

Launching, last May, Ivan Gunawan expanded his business by opening a coffee and food shop, namely Kedjora Coffes and Luburger.

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“This is more pandemic than saving, it’s better to create a business that can benefit many people. That’s why I developed this coffee and burger business,” said Ivan Gunawan when met on the sidelines of the opening of Luberger and Kedjora. Coffee business in Bogor, West Java, Sunday (30/30). 5/2021).

Launching, because he has various sources of money, it’s no wonder that Ivan Gunawan can have a fantastic income so he can build a luxurious new house.

Enji’s widow, Ayu Ting Ting, who visited Ivan Gunawan’s new house was amazed.

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“Stupid, the house is not joking,” commented Ayu Ting Ting quoted from YouTube Qiss You TV, Tuesday (7/8/2021).

Bilqis Khumairah Razak’s mother was fascinated by the splendor of Igun’s house with its high pillars and large gate.

Portrait of Ivan Gunawan's luxury house.

(YouTube Qiss YouTV)

Portrait of Ivan Gunawan’s luxury house.

Entering the house, the room is still empty because it is still under construction.

There is not much furniture in the house.

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Igun invites Ayu to see the swimming pool which is still being built.

“This is the pool,” he pointed from upstairs.

Igun’s house is dominated by white and black monochrome.

“The floor is also white, because Igun has an old-school TV concept,” commented Ayu Ting Ting.

Ivan Gunawan shows a renovated window from a previous purchase.

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“The window is only Rp. 300 million Yu,” said Igun.

The 39-year-old man asked Ayu to guess his room.

Portrait of Ivan Gunawan's luxury house.

(YouTube Qiss YouTV)

Portrait of Ivan Gunawan’s luxury house.

“It’s different from the door, it’s coded,” Ayu Ting Ting pointed to a door.

The master bedroom is very spacious with a king size bed.

Ayu suddenly wants to live in a house that looks like a 5-star hotel.

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“If this house is finished, may I know the password?”

“I can,” said Igun.

Ayu Ting Ting then tried to sleep on the big bed.

In the room there is also a large sofa and a round table.

There was a large door closed by an automatic curtain.

“This is open, you can also use voice, try to bring it closer,” said Ivan Gunawan.

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“Open it,” said Ayu closer to the curtains.

Instantly the curtain opened, making Ayu amazed.

“Aigoo, how did you do it like this? Where did you buy this? How many?” asked Ayu.

“Buy it at Fatmawati, I forgot (the price) which is clearly not an endorsement,” said Ivan Gunawan.

Ayu is enthusiastic about staying at Igun’s house.

“Anyway, when this house is finished, I’ll be the first to stay,” he asked, to which Ivan Gunawan agreed.


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