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EVENT MasterChef Indonesia (MCI) Season 8 EPS 11 which airs Saturday (3/7/2021) is full of drama and surprises! Starting from the participants who were cooking outside the Masterchef Gallery for the first time, then they were given the Offsite Challenge, which is a challenge to serve food not only for the judges but also for the entire crew of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

In the Offsite Challenge event, participants from the Red Team led by Jesselyn as team captain had to acknowledge the superiority of the Blue Team led by Fabs.

Thus, the Red Team consisting of Jesselyn, Bryan, Nadya, Thea and also La Ode had to be willing to enter the pressure test. After completing the Offsite Challenge, it was time for the participants who took the Pressure Test to return to cooking at Gallery Masterchef and fight for their fate.

Pressure Test

However, before starting the pressure test, the two judges, Chef Juna and Chef Renatta, first gave mini games to the participants, namely the challenge to grate coconut with the condition that the amount of grated was close to 200 grams in just 3 minutes.

Coconut Grate Mini Game

The challenge given by the judges at the Mini Games before starting the Pressure Test was that participants were required to grate the coconut with the condition that the grated weight had to be close to 200 grams and should not exceed that.

After completing the challenges and judging, La Ode was declared the winner of the Mini Games. Like a windfall, the privileges that La Ode got after winning the mini games were no joke. He was declared automatically passed the pressure test by Chef Juna and Chef Renatta as judges!

When asked how he felt after passing the pressure test, La Ode gave a short answer which then made the atmosphere even more noisy.

“I’m very happy chef, immediately top 10,” he said, which invited laughter from the judges.

​Bryan takes La Ode Free from Pressure Test

It didn’t stop there, another surprise came when the jury gave the decision that as the winner of the Offsite Challenge, the Blue Team had the extraordinary privilege of being entitled to choose one participant who would survive the pressure test!

After a discussion that looked quite tough, Fabs who represented the Blue Team’s voice decided that Bryan was the participant they chose to save.

Hearing that, Bryan couldn’t believe it

“Is it really me who was saved?” Bryan said happy and surprised at the same time

Knowing this, one of the remaining tension test participants, Nadya, gave her response.

“When the Blue Team decided that Bryan was saved, well, I think Bryan is a lucky person,” said Nadya, who is also rumored to have a special relationship with Bryan.

Based on this decision, the participants who had to struggle in the pressure test to catch up, qualified for the next round, leaving only 3 participants, namely Nadya, Thea and Jesselyn.

Continue tommorow

After that, Chef Renatta and Chef Juna then announced what challenge they gave for the pressure test this time, namely The Ultimate Random Bench challenge.

The challenge required the remaining three pressure test takers to cook 3 rounds, each round lasting only about 30 minutes, with makeshift equipment!

Because of the drama that happened and the difficulty of the pressure test challenge, Chef Renatta even revealed that this was the best pressure test moment.

“This is the best Pressure Test”, said Chef Renatta which was later agreed by Chef Juna.

However, as a result, the jury has not been able to determine who should return from the MasterChef gallery. Head to head from the three participants made it difficult for the judges to choose which one of them was eliminated.

The three of you are really smart, this is really head to head, the execution is all good, the idea is good, it’s a bit behind, it’s very difficult for us to determine who can qualify, now the second round begins, “said chef Juna.

Watch the second round of the MasterChef Indonesia pressure test on RCTI tomorrow, Sunday 4 July 2021. Who do you think will qualify?

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