Kris Wu Arrested by Police on Alleged Rape Case, Netizens: Death Penalty!

Kris Wu Arrested by Police on Alleged Rape Case, Netizens: Death Penalty!

Kris Wu’s Sexual Harassment Problem

Previously denied, Kris Wu, who is known as a former member of EXO, was arrested by the Beijing police on suspicion of rape. This horrendous news reaped various comments from netizens.

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Kris Wu was arrested by Beijing police on suspicion of rape in which a number of the victims were minors. This horrendous news reaped various comments from netizens.

On July 8, 2021, Du Meizhu who claimed to be one of the victims made several posts on Weibo, claiming that he was tricked into attending a drinking party at Kris Wu’s house. He said that the singer was drunk and had sex with him.

Wu’s manager at the time claimed that it was for the female lead role in an upcoming music video, which eventually led to her having sex with Wu while drunk. Du also revealed that several victims had contacted him, claiming to have had a similar experience with Wu.

Kris Wu immediately denied the accusations, saying, “If there is such an act, please don’t worry, I will go to jail myself!! I am legally responsible for my words above!!”

Chinese police had disclosed the results of their initial investigation on July 22, detailing the fraud, extortion and extortion involved. They have now released an update on the case.

Kris Wu Arrested by Police on Alleged Rape Case, Netizens: Death Penalty!

Source: Weibo

After the police investigated reports made online regarding ‘Wu Yi Fan tricking young girls into sexual intercourse multiple times’, Wu Yi Fan (Male, 30, Canada) has been detained by Chaoyang police on suspicion of rape. The case is currently ongoing,” the Beijing police wrote on Weibo on July 31, 2021.

This news immediately became the most sought-after trending topic on the social media site Weibo on Saturday night. Several online users started commenting on Wu’s account, telling him, “Get out of China!”

Kris Wu is a Canadian citizen, according to a police statement. He became famous as a member EXO, before departing in 2014 to embark on a successful solo career as a singer, actor, model and variety show judge.

The Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, the People’s Daily, is considering the case, saying in a brief opinion post online, “Having foreign citizenship is not a protective talisman, and no matter how big the name, there is no immunity.”

Korean netizens on the other hand gave comments that were no less cruel considering that Kris Wu had a career in his country. Netizens are grateful that Wu left EXO and demanded the death penalty for him.

“Honestly I hope he gets the death penalty,” commented netizens. “The victim is a minor. He’s trash,” added another netter. “Death penalty! Death penalty! Death penalty!” wrote the netizen. “China has strict penalties for sex crimes against minors. See you later,” said another. “The death penalty is the most appropriate,” concluded another.


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