Known to be easy to find a mate because of her beautiful face, Maria Vania’s figure finally reveals that she still feels at home alone, due to trauma?

image.ID – The figure of Maria Vania has indeed become the idol of many male fans because of her always charming appearance.

She even got the nickname as the woman who unifies the nation because of her beauty and sexy appearance.

The football presenter has indeed made many men fall in love with him.

However, despite being 30 years old, Maria Vania is not yet married.

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But recently Maria Vania finally admitted that she already has a partner.

He revealed this when he was a guest star on the Rumpi No Secret program.

Initially, Feni Rose as the host read a sentence that alluded to Maria’s status.

“Maria Vania doesn’t have a boyfriend yet, she must be an affair,” said Feni as quoted from YouTube TRANS TV Official, Saturday, July 24, 2021.

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“Ohh who said I don’t have a boyfriend hahaha,” said Maria.

In another segment, Feni then questioned the reason Maria never married.

Maria also admitted that she still wants to make her parents happy.

Maria Vania

Maria Vania

“I still want to make my parents happy, I still want to have a business.”

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“I’m afraid that if I get the wrong partner, who’s right forever, I’m afraid I don’t think about my goals,” Maria continued.

Bobby Tince who was also a guest star also reacted.

He considered that Maria’s partner was not ready.

“Let’s just say that mom’s partner isn’t ready, that’s all,” said Bobby.

“I haven’t found a suitable one,” said Feni.

“He said he had a girlfriend before,” Bobby reminded Feni.

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Hearing this, Feni remembered Maria’s confession about her boyfriend.

Maria Vania

IG Maria Vania

Maria Vania

Maria then gave an explanation of the reasons for not getting married.

“But it’s not that easy, for life you know,” said Maria.

“So you have a boyfriend?” asked Feni.

“That’s right,” answered Mary.

Maria admitted that her lover already knew her desire to make her parents happy first.

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The woman from Bandung also explained the principle.

Maria chooses to marry late but have a lasting relationship rather than rush into marriage but with the wrong person.

“I’m a better person late (to get married) but for the long term, forever.”

“Because from morning you will see his face continuously. What if you make the wrong choice?” Mary explained. (*)


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