‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ Ending explains: Seeing Ashin’s dark past

For all of you ‘Kingdom’ fans who can’t wait for season 3 to finally premiere, there’s good news — the series special, ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ is now streaming on Netflix.

For fans of the series, Ashin (Gianna Jun) plays an important role in the thriller drama, seeing that she is the harbinger of chaos and death. Unfortunately, it is not easy to decode his character, seeing that he carries out his motives almost without words, like a thief in the night. But now, with his special episode, fans can see what really makes him a cold-blooded killer and why he creates havoc using zombies.


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This special episode gives fans a glimpse into Ashin’s dark childhood and what really turned him into the woman of today. Part of the Jurchen tribe, Ashin’s father, Ta-hab (Kim Roi-ha) is the head of their settlement. Despite rising tensions between Joseon, the central kingdom and the border tribes of Pajeowi, Ashin’s father has pledged his allegiance to Joseon. He did this in the hope that the king would grant government status to his tribe and their land, allowing his people to live a better life. However, when 15 Pajeowi Jurchens went to Pyesa-gun, banned, they all died unexpectedly. While they claim that a tiger attacked them, their impaled bodies are shown in a pit, clutching a resurrection flower, implying that it is what they were hunting in the first place, which is forbidden, as the flower is dangerous. The deputy commander of the Chupajin group, Min Chi Rok (Park Byung-eun) investigates the same and then goes to the Jurchen tribe to do damage control, seeing that tensions are rising between the tribe and the monarchy.

The commander then asked Ashin’s father to go to Pajeowi and tell them that the tiger that killed the people, even though this was a lie, saw more stories. Ashin’s father, with the hope of a better life for his village, saw this. Ashin, on the other hand, who is caring for his terminally ill mother, finds resurrection flowers and ancient texts about his powers. After returning to his village, he found that the village had been looted and burned down by the Pajeowi military.

Being the only survivor, Ashin goes to the army commander and begs for a chance to avenge his family. He placed her in a military settlement where she started doing odd jobs while training non-stop and quietly. His first mission by the commander years later was to spy on the Pajeowi military camp.

Gianna Jun as Ashin in ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ (Netflix)

However, while he was there, he discovered something far more terrifying. He found his father, who had been branded a traitor, and had his limbs chopped off. She barely recognizes him as she cries and promises to save him while he begs his daughter to kill him and end his misery. Ashin complied and set fire to the camp before returning to the fort to get answers to his burning questions.
However, he soon discovered that the commander and his troops were the ones who led the tribe to fight against each other. He returns to his military settlement and is visited at night by a soldier who has sexually harassed him.

But now, he was ready to put his plan into action. He kills him and turns him into a zombie, releasing him in the army camp, as each one turns into a zombie while the other dies. However, he only kept the commander alive. Ashin is then seen dragging a giant sack into an abandoned forest, where a dilapidated hut remains. As he enters, he has flashbacks of his tribe and its people. He is brought back to reality by babbling and screaming, where it is revealed that even though the Ashin tribe was killed and rumors spread that he had buried them all, he turned them all into zombies. Chained in a barn in the forest, Ashin had been feeding them for years, but animals weren’t enough. He now had something he believed they deserved, a human. So he left the commander to the zombies who devoured him alive.

The special episode isn’t enough for season three but provides insight into Ashin’s motives for exposing the resurrection flower, seeing that fans now know his beloved’s motive for revenge.

You can stream ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ on Netflix.

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