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‘King of Spies’ is adapted from the book by popular author Mark Millar.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Netflix is ​​reportedly preparing a new spy thriller adapted from popular writer Mark Millar. Titled “King of Spies”, the project will first come as a graphic novel. But according to reports Hollywood Reporter, reported Wednesday (14/7), the story will be in the form of a series or film.

Quoted from the Gamesradar page, this is not the first time Millar’s thriller, also known as “Kingsman” has been adapted into a film. The public must be familiar with two successful films, of which the third film, “The King’s Man”, will be released this year.

“We’ve been quietly working on this for a few years at home and we’ve all been busy talking about it. Spying was great for us with Kingsman and his return to this genre should be something special,” Millar said.

So far, there are no details regarding the cast, although the graphic novel was published by Image Comics. According to Netflix, this translation of the Netflix original property was written by Millar and will also be drawn by a superstar artist selected from the comic book universe, based on a design from the team at Netflix.” On Twitter, Millar clarified that “the comic will come out first according to Magic Order, but based on a story written and designed in-house before being turned into a comic script.

“I love the story of an old shooter who returns for one last job and this is the Grandfather of them all. It’s very difficult and emotional, but also very exciting,” Millar said.

Synopsis “King of Spies”, is about England’s greatest secret agent who faces his most deadly enemy, namely his own death. Diagnosed with a brain tumor and with only six months left to live, retired Sir Roland King looks around the world he saved time and time again.

He felt like he couldn’t leave the world in such chaos. There was greed and corruption at every level, despots he couldn’t approach and systems he no longer trusted.

He also wants to use the remaining time to make a difference with his special skills, and repair the damage done to his personal life. At the same time, the most dangerous person in the world went rogue and he knew where all the corpses were buried. That’s when it’s time to chase the REAL monsters”

‘King of Spies’ Will Be Netflix’s New Thriller

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‘King of Spies’ Will Be Netflix’s New Thriller

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