Kevin Feige Talks About Secret Wars Movie!

Secret Wars is one of the big events in Marvel Comics that involves many superheroes and super villains in one big battle. First released in the 80s, comics Secret War Jim Shooter’s work begins with Beyonder gathering superheroes and super villains on a planet called Battleworld. They were brought together to fight to the death. After seeing the multiverse break out in the series finale loki, With the potential to create the next multiverse war, fans are looking forward to seeing Secret Wars unfold in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future.

In comics Secret War Newly released in 2015, the battles in Battleworld are even bigger than before. This time the battle of superheroes and super villains spans many different Marvel universes. Rumors about Secret War The MCU version was heard even more after Jim Shooter claimed to be contacted by Marvel who wanted to adapt one of his works, Shooter even felt quite sure that Secret War will be adapted into a film. And now, the President of Marvel Studios is responding to the rumors about the film Secret War NS.

Recently, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said: that he wonders why people talk about rumors Secret War. “I saw the rumours too, why are people talking about it now? I want to know” Feige said. “I think there seems to be one person who wrote about it [rumor Secret Wars MCU], and then other people wrote about it too, and then everyone wrote about it, and it became what it is today.” Even so, it seems Marvel Boss also agrees with that Secret War has great potential.

“Secret Wars is a really good giant crossover. There are so many good crossovers that we can adapt, it’s because it’s rich [cerita] Marvel Comics, which I think is unprecedented in an ongoing fictional narrative.” added Feige. “And here we are with the release of our 25th film, Shang-Chi. We’ve even started production of the 31st and 32nd MCU events [The Marvels dan Quantumania], not to mention we’re working on seven to eight Disney+ series. And we’re still asked what we haven’t touched. It was incredible.”

With this confirmation from Feige, it could be concluded that the rumors about Secret War The MCU version is not correct, at least for now. Because Feige felt that Secret Wars was one good crossover story that they had the potential for the next adaptation. Considering that in Infinity Saga there is an interesting battle between the superheroes in the captain america civil war, it makes sense for Marvel Studios to adapt Secret War to increase impressions in Phase 4 of the MCU and beyond. For now, let’s just enjoy the MCU shows that are definitely released, geeks.

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