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Benjamin Dunning’s Story

MOSCOW – A local kamiah and senior at the University of Idaho Benjamin Dunning is a natural photographer with a creative eye for the world.

Dunning discovered his passion for photography at a young age when his father gave him his old camera from the 70s. He realized that he could capture images at a greater depth of field and show his friends and family how he saw the world. As Dunning got older, he realized that he had a different approach than other people who would take photos.

“When someone asked me to take a picture, I wouldn’t just stand there,” Dunning said. “I would kneel, lie on my stomach, do whatever it took to get a creative angle.”

Photo taken by Benjamin Dunning.

During college, Dunning realized that he could make his passion a lifestyle. He started by hitting the streets of Moscow, Walmart camera in hand, going to various businesses in search of work. As he grows, he can get better equipment, improve his photos.

“I can visualize my growth,” Dunning says. “I get my equipment from what I’ve done, then I take better photos and use the profits to get better equipment. It is an endless cycle of improvement.”

Photo taken by Benjamin Dunning.

Dunning has shown how hard he is willing to work to grow his business over the past three years. He is a full-time student, works part-time in the U of I technical support office, and is the president of his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. Despite all this, he still spends a lot of time taking new photos whether it’s for clients or to develop his platform.

Now that he’s shot a mix of genres, Dunning realizes he has an eye for anything that goes fast. Although now he is more focused on any action and automotive sports, he still likes to occasionally photograph individuals. Dunning mentions it’s very powerful for capturing raw emotions on someone’s face.

Photo taken by Benjamin Dunning.

Currently, Dunning is spending the summer in Nevada shooting videos and photos of the work his brother did to start his own company. Then, in about a year or two, Dunning would move on permanently and peruse his dream of becoming an off-road digital creator.

“I want to be one of the leading off-road content creators in the northwest,” said Dunning. “I have the means to do it, I just have to keep pushing myself.”

To see more photos of Dunning and keep up with his work, check out his darkroom https://dvnningphoto.darkroom.tech

or follow her journey via Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/directedbydunning/?hl=en


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