Jin BTS and Suzy are expected to star in a joint acting project, this is the reason

Jin BTS and Suzy are expected to star in a joint acting project, this is the reason

A number of fans on Twitter made a scene by hoping that Suzy and Jin BTS were paired up in dramas and movies. Curious what the reason for the idea?

Wow, cool – Recently Suzy and Jin BTS (Bangtan Boys) became a hot topic on Twitter. The reason is, many fans expect the two to be paired in a drama or film.

Fans of the two really love the idea that they are a good match for each other. The first and foremost reason is that Suzy and Jin are great actors.

Suzy has acted in various hit movies and dramas, and she has proven her qualities as an actress. While Jin is known as an alumni majoring in acting at Konkuk University. That’s why many fans are looking forward to his debut as an actor.

The second reason is because Jin and Suzy have stunning visuals that earned them the nickname “Genius Face”. They were even crowned the Gods and Goddess of Beauty. With this combination, the audience is guaranteed not to get bored while watching their drama.

The next reason is no less interesting. Because Jin and Suzy are brave, unique, interesting and have a great sense of humor. They also stand out because they have alluring charisma.

Moreover, a number of people who know the two always praise their great personalities. So that if they star in a drama together, they can create the best chemistry behind and in front of the screen!

Don’t forget also that Suzy and Jin are amazing singers. That is, they can play any role, including music-focused dramas.

No less important, these two idols have such great popularity. Both have millions of fans who always support their career steps. That’s why if Jin and Suzy were really paired up in a drama or movie, this project would definitely be a huge hit!

One fan said, “I really hope Suzy and Jin will star in a drama or movie together. They are talented actors and actresses.”

“I am totally obsessed with this concept!” added another netter. “If Kim Seok Jin and Bae Suzy starred in a drama together, it would be great. It would be too perfect,” said another netter. “I look forward to that too. Hopefully it will come true in the future,” said another.

“That is true. Jin and Suzy have to meet in person,” wrote another netter. “Like seeing God and Goddess. I will open my eyes well because they look like angels, even when they are 100 meters away,” added another.

“I love Suzy’s unique acting style, I mean all the characters are amazing and I love it. I can’t wait for this,” said another. “Kim Seok Jin is also a great actor, so they will be perfect if they star in the same drama,” said the other netters and many more.

What do you think? Do you agree with this idea?


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