Jane Shalimar’s departure due to Covid-19, suffering from asthma and queuing for admission to the ICU

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com- The sad news came from the role of the artist Jane Shalimar who breathed his last on Sunday (4/7/2021) at around 04.20 WIB.

Jane Shalimar passed away after battling Covid-19.

The late Jane Shalimar also had time to receive intensive care in the hospital until finally breathed his last.

Kompas.com summarizes the facts related to the death of Jane Shalimar as follows.

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It is stated that Covid-19 has severe symptoms

Before she breathed her last, Jane Shalimar was infected with COVID-19 on June 17 yesterday.

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At that time Jane was experiencing severe symptoms, ranging from coughing to shortness of breath. Eventually he was taken to the hospital for intensive care.

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“So Sis Jane has been feeling sick since last June 17. He called me starting to cough, short of breath,” Olive was quoted as saying Kompas.com from the YouTube channel MOP Channel, Sunday.

“June 19 is not strong anymore. Finally came to the hospital. It’s been three days of treatment but came back because they couldn’t get a room, went to the ER,” added Olive.

Waiting in line for 70 people at the hospital

Jane Shalimar had difficulty getting to the hospital, which at that time was declared full.

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But the late Jane Shalimar got a hospital room after being in the 70th row.

“After returning home on 29 (June) he was out of oxygen and paralyzed. And waiting for a waiting list of almost 70 people, just getting the ICU,” said Olive.

Democratic Party artist and politician, Jane Shalimar.  Jane Shalimar died on Sunday (4/7/2021) after battling Covid-19.Instagram / @ janeshalimar_1 Democratic Party artist and politician, Jane Shalimar. Jane Shalimar died on Sunday (4/7/2021) after battling Covid-19.

Unconscious and on a ventilator

Before he breathed his last, the late Jane Shalimar received intensive care at the hospital.

It’s just that Jane Shalimar was unconscious and on a ventilator.

“Still (on a ventilator),” Adhi said in a different interview.

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Improved oxygen saturation

During treatment, Jane Shalimar’s condition began to look better. At that time Jane Shalimar’s oxygen saturation increased.

However, Olive says that God has other plans with Jane Shalimar.

“The last time I was in the ICU, yesterday the saturation was getting better, I didn’t know God had other plans. Let’s just pray, hopefully khusnul khatimah, “said Olive.

Have a history of asthma

The condition of the late Jane Shalimar worsened after being exposed to COVID-19 due to having a co-morbidity of asthma.

“My sister has severe pneumonia due to comorbidities, she has asthma, so it affects her breathing,” said Adhi.

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