It was also revealed that the root cause of Raul Lemos’ feud with his stepdaughter, Krisdayanti, said that her husband still found it difficult to accept: Can’t be blamed

image.ID – Krisdayanti admitted that since Aurel Hermansyah got married, the relationship with her children has improved.

The misunderstanding that had colored Krisdayanti’s relationship with Aurel and Azriel Hermansyah has now disappeared.

Even now, her husband, Raul Lemos is often involved in the lives of his two stepsons, Aurel and Azriel Hermansyah.

Previously, Krisdayanti’s relationship with her two children was tinged with feuds.

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Because there is no roof, there are often misunderstandings between mother and child.

Launching Grid.ID, things got even more complicated when the name Raul Lemos was dragged into Krisdayanti’s feud with Aurel and Azriel Hermansyah.

From there, the relationship between Raul Lemongan Aurel and Azriel Hermasnyah was reportedly strained.

Netizens who were also emotional accused Raul of blocking the mother-daughter relationship.

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As a result, the name and figure of Raul became the talk of netizens and news in the country.

In fact, according to Krisdayanti, Raul Lemos’ relationship with his stepdaughter is not as bad as reported.

The issues circulating on social media actually made Raul Lemos’ relationship with his two stepchildren seem tenuous.

This is what Krisdayanti deeply regrets.

Social media never stops frying the husband’s relationship with his two children.

Reported from YouTube TRANS7 Official on May 31, 2021, Krisdayanti asked netizens not to swallow the news about Raul Lemos.

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“Yeah, it’s true that social media is thin information, isn’t it? description You can only have 150 letters

“We ask that social media connoisseurs must also be selective in receiving and consuming good information,” said Krisdayanti.

The reason, according to Krisdayanti, because of issues on social media, Raul Lemos’ relationship with his two children does not seem to get along.

Krisdayanti expressed the feelings of Raul Lemos who had been associated with Aurel Azriel.

OFFICIAL TRANS7 YouTube screenshot

Krisdayanti expressed the feelings of Raul Lemos who was once associated with Aurel Azriel.

This condition is also complicated by the attitude of Raul Lemos who sometimes does not want to explain his personal problems to the public.

In fact, it is a risk that must be borne as a public figure.

“It’s also not to blame because Raul isn’t the type to actively explain.”

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“Sometimes it’s hard that the background of this artist has become a commodity rather than the media and fans.”

“Which is sometimes difficult for Raul to accept,” he concluded.

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