Is your time to be digitized too?

Grid.ID Ariel NOAH aka lady killer is known to have had an affair with 2 beautiful women.

Yes, that figure is none other than Luna Maya and Sophia Latjuba.

Since then, the two have been linked and shared by many people.

Ariel NOAH’s romance with these two women has become a celebrity romance that the public will never forget.

Interestingly, Ariel is known to be dating Sophia a few years after breaking up with Luna.

Suddenly, public attention throughout the country immediately contacted the two former couples.

The reason is, Sophia’s character is very different from Ariel’s ex-lover, Luna.

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Unexpectedly, even though they are 180 degrees different, after breaking up with Ariel, Sophia and Luna are even compact with each other.

The closeness of Luna Maya and Sophia Latjuba was seen when the two met on Marianne Rumantir’s podcast.

Reported by Gambar.ID from YouTube TS Media, Thursday (20/5/2021) Sophia Latjuba persuaded Luna Maya to find a lover again.

Luna Maya and Sophia Latjuba look familiar and not awkward when talking.

Youtube TS Media

Luna Maya and Sophia Latjuba look familiar and not awkward when talking.

Not without reason, according to Sophia Latjuba, Luna Maya’s age is still young and her beauty is undeniable.

“Yes, must, must be a lot. When you were young, you were crazy beautiful,” said Sophia Latjuba.

But talking about lovers, Sophia Latjuba remembered her former lover with the initials A.

Even though he didn’t mention it directly, the public already suspected that the former figure in question was Ariel NOAH.

Furthermore, when Luna Maya actually confirmed that the name of the song had the initials N, which means Nazril Irham.

“That’s what A (still young) hopes for,” said Sophia Latjuba.

“But no, his name is ‘N’,” said Luna Maya.

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Sophia Latjuba then explained that she wanted to accept Ariel NOAH as her lover because she felt there was a match.

“Chemistry, yes, and indeed time. It’s all a matter of timing.”

“Maybe two years ago, or not in the next two years, that’s all. It’s a matter of time,” explains Sophia Latjuba.

Allegedly when dating Sophia Latjuba, Ariel NOAH was more intimate, it turned out to be the opposite.

seen, Luna Maya once complained that Ariel NOAH, romantic man and tend to be careless.

this also happened to Sophia Latjuba.

According to Sophia now a lot men just looking for profit for himself when he found out.

“When they get it, they usually take it for granted,” says Sophia Latjuba.

And as if the figure in question was the former, Ariel NOAH, Sophia Latjuba and Luna Maya exchanged glances.

“Did you digitize Soph?” asked Luna Maya dumbfounded.

“You also digitized Luna, I’m really annoyed,” said Sophia Latjuba. This article was published on Figure.ID,

Hopefully Ariel NOAH will be more compassionate, singing vocals when dating Sophia Latjuba is revealed, Luna Maya will have the same fate, Sophia: Very Upset

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