Is this the power of the MCU version of Dane Whitman?

Dane Whitman’s version of Black Knight is scheduled to appear in the film Eternal. In addition to being an important part of the story, Dane is also expected to be an important character for the next MCU Phase. Dane Whitman himself is said to have a special relationship with one of the Eternals, namely Sersi, which is in accordance with what is shown in the comics.

After a long wait, finally the figure of Dane Whitman appears in the last trailer of the film the Eternal. There are several moments in the trailer that present the figure of Dane, and also his togetherness with Sersi. Maybe there are still some geeks who don’t know who Dane Whitman really is. And here’s the review.

Black Knight Title and Who is Dane Whitman

Black Knight is a title that has been in use for a long time, since the time of King Arthur of ancient England. Dane Whitman is a descendant of Sir Percy of Scandia, the first Black Knight to live in the era of King Arthur. Whitman is also the nephew of the evil Black Knight, Nathan Garret, who died fighting Iron Man.

Before dying, Nathan then asked Dane to continue the Black Knight cloak for good and not evil. And since then, Dane started his adventure to become a superhero. Dane appears as the Black Knight in Avengers #47. At that time, the Avengers mistakenly thought that Dane was Nathan Garrett. Even so, in the end Dane joined the Avengers and was involved in several missions.

Dane Whitman is also a leader in the Avengers, precisely as a substitute leader. He will lead when Captain America aka Steve Rogers is not around. In addition to the Avengers, Dane also joined various other hero groups such as Excalibur, Heroes for Hire, and others. As described in the film Eternals, Dane Whitman also had a romantic relationship with Sersi.

Black Knight Power

Compared to the previous Black Knights, Dane Whitman was a very intelligent person and was close to technology. All the equipment and weapons he uses use the latest technology. He is also an expert in physics. It is thanks to this intelligence that Dane is often relied on by the Avengers team, when Tony Stark or Hank Pym is not around.

With the intelligence that he has too, sometimes he combines it with the magical abilities he has. This is why Dane is arguably included in the class of heroes who have mystical powers. In addition, Dane is also very skilled in using the sword. In accordance with existing traditions, of course, the Black Knight is a figure who is indeed an expert in swordsmanship – including Dane Whitman.

The Black Knight also has other abilities such as hand-to-hand combat. Black Knight’s fighting ability is considered capable of rivaling some great characters such as Captain America and Wolverine. The Black Knight also has a magical horse who is often his partner in battle, namely Aragorn. The horse was inherited from his uncle.

However, among all the powers possessed by the Black Knight, of course the one that attracts the most attention and its trademark is the Ebony Blade sword. The Ebony Blade is a weapon commonly used by the Black Knights when fighting and the sword always appears in the story. The Ebony Blade is made of meteoric material and forged directly by Merlin centuries ago.

The Ebony Blade has been passed down from generation to generation, until finally the sword fell into the hands of Dane Whitman. Although often used, there are times when this sword is deliberately not used for the common good. The reason is, the sword has a curse given by the person who was killed by the first owner of this sword, Sir Percy from Scandia. When one used it for bloodshed, the user would be more ruthless and more brutal.

MCU version of Dane Whitman’s Powers

Until now, we still don’t know what kind of power Dane Whitman will appear in the MCU. However, there is a possibility that Marvel Studios will adapt the same power as the comic version. And of course, there may be some minor adjustments or changes made to the characters. And in the final trailer for Eternals, we were given a hint about the character.

Based on what is presented in the trailer, Dane still doesn’t seem to have the strength to become a Black Knight. Dane is shown like an ordinary man. In fact, in one scene, it was Sersi who was protecting Dane from the bus attack that was about to hit her. Dane may also still not have the Ebony Blade that is the hallmark of the Black Knight.

There is a possibility that at the end of the story, Dane will get a sword. Will Dane get his sword according to the comic version where, he was inherited by his uncle? Or was the sword given by the Eternals? The reason is, in the previous trailer shown in Phastos’s room there is a sword from ancient times.

Perhaps, the Dane would ask the Eternals to give him a weapon he could use against evil. And maybe Sersi would give it to the Dane. It could be a farewell gift. Let’s just wait, geeks how is the development of Dane Whitman’s character in the film the Eternal, who will be an important figure for the next Phases of the MCU.

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