Is Hard Master Back in Snake Eyes 2?

snake eyes is a film that is expected to restart the GI Joe franchise. This film tells the origin of the character Snake Eyes and the beginning of his dispute with Storm Shadow. Although not fully adapted from the original material, this film still focuses on the fight between GI Joe and Cobra like in the comics. At the end of the film, Snake Eyes wants to find Tommy aka Storm Shadow who left the clan, before finally joining GI Joe.

At the beginning of the film, Snake Eyes who managed to save Tommy was taken to the Arashikage clan headquarters in Japan. There Snake learns that Tommy is the heir to the Arashikage ninja clan that has been protecting Earth since 600 years ago. Then he begins to train as a ninja at the Arashikage headquarters, under the guidance of Sen (Eri Ishida) and his two masters, Blind Master (Peter Mensah) and Hard Master (Iko Uwais). It seems that as a Hard Master, Iko Uwais plays an important role in the film snake eyes, but will the character return in Snake Eyes2?

With the status of Hard Master in the Arashikage clan, it is very likely that he will return in the sequel film later. Hard Master is one of the two loyal Sen clans, at the beginning of the film he is the one who tests Snake’s worthiness with the water bowl mission. The Hard Master has a tough character and likes to joke around, but he is always serious when it comes to holding Arashikage values. That’s what made him the next leader of the Arashikage clan, just like the story in the GI Joe comics.

In the GI Joe comics, Hard Master is the leader of the Arashikage clan who has trained many ninja, including Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, so his prowess is undeniable. If in the movie Snake Eyes 2 When Hard Master takes over the leadership of the clan at Sen’s behest, it’s likely he’ll play a more important role in the sequel. His relationship with Snake can be built deeper in the sequel later. Even if you want to take the material further from the comics, Hard Master’s death can be adapted to build a more dramatic story about Snake Eyes’ life and his feud with Storm Shadow.

When Hard Master was killed by a Cobra member named Zartan in the comic GI Joe, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow had time to blame each other and make their dispute even more heated. If this story is adapted in Snake Eyes 2 later, the death of Hard Master by Zartan will make the sequel even more interesting, as well as pave the way for the next GI Joe films because it involves Zartan and the Cobra organization. It could be that the end of the film closes with the death of Hard Master and Snake Eyes who wants to take revenge on the person who killed him, and that becomes the initial basis why Snake hates Cobra and immediately joins GI Joe.

Although it is not clear whether Snake Eyes 2 would be made, but Snake’s quest to find Tommy could have been developed for the plot of the sequel, before finally ending with Hard Master’s death. Or it could be the end Snake Eyes 2 showing the fall of the Arashikage clan while Hard Master was still alive, he could become Snake Eyes’ walking mentor in the next GI Joe film. Whatever it is, what is clear is that Iko Uwais’ role as Hard Master is a shame if it is not developed, his character has the potential to be explored in the future of the GI Joe franchise.

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