Innalillahi Wa Innailaihi Rojiun, Mayangsari Suddenly Crying Left by this woman for a lifetime, Cendana’s daughter-in-law reveals her great service

Grid.ID reporter, Fidiah Nuzul Aini

Grid.ID – Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiun, Mayangsari suddenly shared sad news.

Mayangsari had just lost this woman in his life and was in tears.

While grieving, Cendana’s daughter-in-law immediately exposed the woman’s great service in her life.

Mayangsari’s life has never been devoid of public discussion.

How not, Mayangsari is mentioned as the third person in the household of Bambang Trihatmodjo and Halimah Agustina Kamil.

In fact, the marriage of Mayangsari and Bambang Trihatmodjo at that time also became a controversy.

The reason is, the marriage of Mayangsari and Bambang Trihatmodjo was held shortly after Prince Cendana divorced from Halimah.

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As is well known, the marriage of Bambang Trihatmodjo with Mayangsari which took place on July 7, 2000 had seized the public’s attention.

Launching from Tribunnews, Bambang Trihatmodjo and Mayangsari finally officially married in 2011.

The confirmation of their marital status occurred after Bambang Trihatmodjo officially divorced Halimah in 2007.

Bambang Trihatmodjo and Mayangsari

Instagram @mayangsari_official

Bambang Trihatmodjo and Mayangsari

From her marriage to Bambang Trihatmodjo, Mayangsari was blessed with a beautiful daughter named Khirani Trihatmodjo.

Although her relationship with Bambang Trihatmodjo was full of controversy since the beginning of their marriage, Mayansari seems to be able to prove that her household is currently happy.

The household of Mayangsari and Bambang Trihatmodjo is also from oblique gossip and looks harmonious.

Not only that, Mayangsari is now also living a luxurious life after becoming Cendana’s daughter-in-law who is known as tajir crook.

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In fact, this sandalwood son-in-law often shows off his luxury on his social media accounts.

But recently, Mayangsari did not share unusual posts in his latest upload.

It turned out that Bambang Trihatmodjo’s wife had just lost this woman in his life.

In fact, he even shed tears when he remembered the services of this woman.

Mayangsari shared this through his personal Instagram account @mayangsari_official, Wednesday (4/8/2021).

In his upload, Mayangsari seemed to share photos with a veiled woman.

Mayangsari seems very close to the figure of the woman.

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This can be seen from the movements of Bambang Trihatmodjo’s wife who is seen embracing the woman’s figure.

Mayangsari lost this woman in his life

Instagram @mayangsari_official

Mayangsari lost this woman in his life

Investigating a calibration, the woman’s figure turned out to be the cook at Mayangsari’s house.

Sandalwood’s son-in-law even referred to the woman as his best friend and best friend in the kitchen.

The female figure was named Sauda or Sodah.

But now Mayangsari is so sad that she sheds tears at the loss of this woman.

Yes, the cook at Mayangsari’s house died of a heart attack.

“Today my family and I are very sad. Inalillahiwainailaihi rojiun. My kind & always cheerful sister who is also my best friend and best friend in the kitchen SAUDAH (Sodah) The deceased died not from Covud but from a heart attack.

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The late Sauda was buried in his hometown in Keniten SWT,” Mayangsari wrote.

Mayangsari lost this woman in his life

Instagram @mayangsari_official

Mayangsari lost this woman in his life

Then, Mayangsari immediately exposed Sauda’s services to him all this time, to the point of shedding tears.

The sandalwood son-in-law also thanked everyone who had offered their condolences to Sauda.

“Goodbye my dear Sodah (emoji). Thank you for all the good you have done for our family. God willing, heaven awaits you good people (emoji). Bismillah husnul khotimah. Amen YRA. Al Fatihah (emoji)”

“On behalf of the family of the late Sauda, ​​I would like to thank you very much for your condolences and best wishes for the deceased. Always healthy my brothers (emoji) all, “he concluded.

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