Inalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rojiun, Angel Lelga Crying, Rhoma Irama Brings Sad News: No Help

Grid.ID – King of Dangdut Rhoma Irama brings sad news.

Rhoma Irama’s manager, Mohammad Sadiq or Oddie, died yesterday, Thursday (8/7) (17/6/2021).

The sad news was first shared by Rhoma Irama’s ex-wife, Angel Lelga.

“Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun. Our sister Oddie (Manager Rhoma Irama) passed away at 7 am. Sorry for all the mistakes of the deceased and wishing the best for the deceased,” wrote Angel Lelga on Instagram.

As someone close to Oddie, Angel Lelga gave the sad news to the public.

Our brother Oddie (manager of Rhoma Irama) passed away at 7 am.
I apologize for all the mistakes the deceased has made and wish the best for the deceased,” wrote Angel Lelga.

Besides Angel Lelga, Oddie’s relatives and people close to Rhoma Irama, Reza also gave sad news.

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Quoted by from the indigo squid channel on Youtube, Reza explained the story of Oddie’s departure.

Reza said that Oddie had tested positive for Covid-19.

However, after being declared dead, Oddie turned out to be negative for Covid-19.

“This morning I received news from his family that he was experiencing shortness of breath, then he fainted and was taken to the hospital, there was no help,” Reza, Odie’s relative.

Oddie’s sad news certainly left a feeling of sadness in the hearts of those closest to him.

Reza revealed, Rhoma Irama felt sad and shocked to hear the news of the death of his manager.

Not only Rhoma Irama, Angel Lelga is also sad.

The reason, Angel Lelga claimed to be close to Oddie.

The reason, Angel Lelga claimed to have known Oddie since 16 years ago.

Intense communication, Angel Lelga claimed to have lost contact with Oddie for three weeks

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It turned out that during those three weeks, Oddie had Covid-19.

Knowing this fact, Angel Lelga was surprised because she admitted that she did not know Oddie’s condition.

Remembering the figure of Oddie, Angel Lelga remembered a sweet moment.

“Bang Oddie a humorous manager, he likes to joke. I’m with tom and jerry, you know, annoyed with each other, only he knows me,” admitted Angel Lelga.

Angel Lelga brings sad news

Angel Lelga brings sad news

With tears in her eyes, Angel Lelga reminisced about Oddie’s last request to him.

Apparently, Oddie really wanted Angel Lelga to sing Rhoma Irama’s song.

“Bang Oddie really wanted me to sing Bang Haji’s song. Until we were on our way from my place to the studio, that’s what he told me. I said give me time,” said Angel Lelga.

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