In front of Nagita’s face screaming like a devil, Ariel NOAH is shocked, Raffi Ahmad’s invitation to be the culprit: Just back off!

image.ID – No wonder Ariel NOAH is nicknamed Lady Killer.

The reason is, it is undeniable, Ariel NOAH’s charm among women seems to have no opponent.

It is common knowledge that many women are brought to their knees by the charm of Ariel NOAH.

The proof alone, a series of beautiful artist names have fallen into the arms of musicians.

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Starting from Luna Maya, to Sophia Latjuba.

Now Raffi Ahmad’s wife, Nagita Slavina, adds to the long list of women who are in love with Ariel NOAH.

Ariel NOAH was even shocked by Nagita Slavina’s behavior.

Why not, Nagita Slavina’s behavior is really like the devil when she sees the musician.

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Ariel NOAH’s surprise was seen at the Okay Boss event on YouTube TRANS7 Official August 5, 2020.

At that time Ariel NOAH was lined up by Raffi Ahmad as a guest star and co-host.

You see, Nagita Slavina doesn’t even know if her husband’s new co-host position will be filled by Ariel NOAH.

“Today we have a new host,” said Raffi Ahmad.

“He has a good voice like me, handsome like me, can compose songs,” he continued.

Hearing her husband’s words, Nagita Slavina had doubts.

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Rafathar’s mother even said that her husband’s voice was not very good.

“Really, handsome. You will like it,” said Raffi Ahmad.

Raffi Ahmad then invited Ariel NOAH to enter the stage.

Seeing the figure of the new co-host in question, Ariel NOAH, Nagita Slavina did not budge.

The look of surprise was clearly visible on Nagita Slavina’s face.

When she saw Ariel Noah approaching, Nagita Slavina immediately jumped up and down with joy.

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Nagita Slavina is happy when she meets Ariel NOAH

Official YouTube/ Trans7

Nagita Slavina is happy when she meets Ariel NOAH

The woman who is familiarly called Gigi was immediately hysterical when she saw Ariel NOAH in front of her face.

Screaming as loudly as possible in front of Nagita Slavina, Ariel NOAH was surprised not expecting the reaction of Raffi Ahmad’s wife.

“This is (very) loud!” complained Ariel NOAH.

Nagita Slavina was fascinated by Ariel NOAH in front of her.

“How are you dear, handsome right? How handsome am I?” asked Raffi Ahmad for comparison.

When asked that, Nagita Slavina openly said that her husband was less handsome than Ariel NOAH.

“Yeah, this handsome (Ariel) can’t be compared!” said Nagita Slavina.

Seeing the reaction of the couple in front of him, Ariel NOAH raised his hand while offering himself backstage.

“Just got back, okay?” joked musician, laughed.

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