If Kadung is infected with Covid-19, these are the vitamins that are good to consume during self-isolation

Grid.ID journalist report, Novia Tri Astuti

Grid.ID – Are you infected with Covid-19 and need to self-isolate?

So, what steps should be taken to deal with this condition?

Yes, those of you who have tested positive for Covid-19 must undergo self-isolation.

In addition to having to take medicine from a doctor, adequate vitamin intake is also very important.

The goal, so that the immune system when infected with the corona virus can quickly recover.

Quoted from Kompas.com, Wednesday (30/6/2021), Internal Medicine Specialist at Primaya Hospital Pasar Kemis, Dr. Kiki Maharani, SpPD, also gave his recommendation.

“If only as an anticipation, then vitamin C and vitamin D are sufficient. However, if (the Covid-19 patient) has experienced self-isolation, then more vitamins are needed, “explained Dr. Kiki, Saturday (26/6). /2021). ) then.

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Basically, the types of vitamins that the body needs, both in patients infected with Covid-19 and ordinary people are the same.

“Vitamins for self-isolation are actually antioxidants. Such as vitamin C, vitamin D, or vitamin E, but still adjusted to the needs of our bodies, “said Dr. Kiki.

Although the types of vitamins are the same, Covid-19 patients or those undergoing self-isolation have different doses of vitamins.

Dr. Kiki revealed, ordinary people can meet their daily vitamin needs, vitamin C, with only 1 time 500 mg.

“But vitamins for Covid-19 patients, the need for vitamin C, the dose can be 2 times 500 mg, or vitamin D which is 1000 IU. So only the dosage is different,” explained Dr. Kiki.

Not only vitamins for Covid-19 patients undergoing self-isolation, Dr. Kiki also suggests taking probiotics.

Because this probiotic is important for the recovery of Covid-19 patients who are undergoing self-isolation.

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“Probiotics are indispensable for people who are self-isolating,” he explained.

According to dr. Kiki, probiotics are very important for gut performance.

Because the cause of Covid-19 is not only spread through aerosols in the air, but also through food.

“So when we eat, our food is exposed to the virus, then the virus can enter the digestive tract. That’s why sometimes (positive Covid-19 people) there are nausea or vomiting, even diarrhea, “explained Dr. Kiki.

Therefore, during self-isolation, vitamin C and vitamin D as well as probiotics are very important in restoring the immune system.

“Probiotics are very necessary to maintain our intestinal flora from infections that can be caused by the Covid-19 virus,” concluded Dr. Kiki.

Added from Tribunnews.com, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan also provided information and guidelines for self-isolation for Covid-19 patients.

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Yes, for asymptomatic (OTG) patients in DKI Jakarta and wherever they are, Anies suggests tightening the use of proke.

Self-isolation aims to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus to others.”

“Therefore, this important action must be carried out in the right way.”

“Always discipline health protocols wherever and whenever: Wear masks properly, Keep your distance and avoid crowds, Wash your hands with soap and running water, and be ready to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” wrote @aniesbaswedan in the description of his upload.

Covid-19 Self-Isolation Guide for People Without Symptoms

Instagram @aniesbaswedan via Tribunnews.com

Covid-19 Self-Isolation Guide for People Without Symptoms

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