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image.ID – The aftermath of the insult to Ayu Ting Ting, Bilqis Khumairah Razak and her family, made Umi Kalsum and Abdul Rozak not remain silent.

Umi Kalsum previously through her personal Instagram informed that she was hunting for the perpetrators in Tondomulo, Bojonegoro, East Java.

He and Abdul Rozak accompanied by police went to the residence of the perpetrator’s parents, named Kartika Damayanti.

Kartika Damayanti is known to have an account with the username @gundik_empang to insult Ayu Ting Ting and her family.

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Tika, who is currently working in Singapore as a migrant worker, pleaded guilty and apologized.

Umi Kalsum even asked the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore to help repatriate her son’s haters.

“Hopefully someone can help with how, Kartika Damayanti, whose address is Tondomulo, Bojonegoro, East Java, returns to Indonesia,” said Umi Kalsum, Thursday (29/7/2021).

Umi Kulsum demands that Tika be responsible for all the defamation she did to Ayu Ting Ting and Bilqis.

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Ayu Ting Ting’s mother also included a portrait of the perpetrator on her Instagram social media.

“Please help, no parent will accept that their children and grandchildren are being blasphemed by this human. Hopefully I can bring him back to Indonesia so that he can be held accountable for all his actions according to the laws in force in Indonesia,” he explained.

Meanwhile, quoting from Tribunnews.com, the perpetrator through a short video conveyed his apology to Ayu Ting Ting’s family.

“Previously I want to apologize, I’m Kartika Damayanti from the Gundik Empang account,” Kartika Damayanti said as quoted from a video on Ayu Ting Ting’s Instagram fanbase page @ayutingting92.update.

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“I want to apologize to Ayu Ting Ting and her family because I have blasphemed and made my personal account a haters account, and many followers blasphemed Ayu Ting Ting on that account,” said the perpetrator.

Currently, the bully can no longer access his Instagram account because it has been taken down by Instagram.

Ayu Ting Ting haters face

Screenshot of Instagram/@mom_ayting92_

Ayu Ting Ting haters face

“I can’t use this account right now because it’s been deleted and deleted by Instagram,” he said.

As a result of this incident, he promised not to repeat the same thing to anyone, including Ayu Ting Ting and her family.

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Finally, Kartika Damayanti apologized for all the negative behavior that had been sent to Ayu Ting Ting and her family.

“After this I promise I will not create a haters account again, and will not comment negatively about Ayu Ting Ting anywhere on other gossip Instagram accounts,” he said.

“Once again I apologize to Ayu Ting Ting and her family for my mistake and behavior. And I apologize to my family for my behavior, thank you.”

For information, Umi Kalsum previously visited Kartika Damayanti’s residence in the Bojonegoro area, East Java with police officers.

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Umi Kulsum and Abdul Rozak during a visit to the house of Ayu Ting Ting's haters parents.


Umi Kulsum and Abdul Rozak during a visit to the home of the haters Ayu Ting Ting’s parents.

But his efforts were fruitless, said the perpetrator’s family, Kartika worked in Singapore.

The Bojonegoro Police Chief, AKBP EG Pandia, also confirmed the efforts to assist Ayu Ting Ting’s parents during a visit to Tika’s parents’ house.

“Polda Metro Jaya asked police officers from the Bojonegoro area to accompany, check the clarification of Mrs. Tika’s address, the haters suspected of being the perpetrators (of insults) against Ayu Ting Ting,” said AKBP EG Pandia.

“They (Umi Kalsum’s father and Rozak) were accompanied by members of the Sector Police, to check the correct address,” he explained.

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