Hulk Get an Epic Costume with a Jetpack!

Hulk is a Marvel character who is famous for having unlimited powers, the angrier he gets, the more powerful he will be. Before turning into a grumpy green giant, he was a scientist named Bruce Banner. While his appearance as Bruce Banner looks like an ordinary human, if he transforms into the Hulk there are almost no clothes attached to his body except for his shorts. And now, after being shirtless for so long, the Hulk has finally gotten a sophisticated costume that comes with a cool jetpack!

In the comic series Hulk In writer Donny Cates and illustrator Ryan Ottley’s upcoming release in November, the Hulk will get a new, more jarring and epic story. In a brief preview of the comic Hulk In the photo, the Hulk is seen fighting against Iron Man’s Hulkbuster. In the fight, Hulk was seen wearing a new costume called “Smashtronaut”, complete with a sophisticated helmet with a red visor and a jetpack on his back. With the new costume, Hulk manages to hit the Hulkbuster and break its armor.

If you look closely, the new costume remains with the Hulk’s signature color of ripped pants, namely purple, but this time the color is worn on his tight pants which makes Hulk no longer shirtless. While the color of his pants is the same as the helmet and sophisticated jetpack he is wearing, which is gray. The red visor hints at the Hulk’s unstoppable anger, uniquely, one of the preview pages shows the figure of Bruce Banner sitting behind the visor watching. While it’s unclear what effect the suit and helmet he’s wearing on him, his new jetpack allows the Hulk to fly, an ability that makes him even more powerful.

While on the preview page it is not explained how the Hulk gets his new costume. In comics Free Comic Book Day 2021: Avengers/Hulk #1, the story of “Project: Smashtronaut”, the Hulk attacks the AIM base to gather the materials he needs to make a space suit. At the base Hulk must fight MODOK, before the Hulk finally defeats him and leaves MODOK which explodes. After getting what he wanted, including a red visor and other advanced components, the Hulk declared that he was neither a hero nor a villain. He says, “I will explore the unknown world on an indestructible green plane… and I will not return!”


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Most likely the Hulk with Bruce Banner’s intelligence then made a new costume from the components he got from the AIM headquarters and became a new costume as seen on the preview page Hulk #1. With this new costume, the Hulk will not only have incredible powers, but will also be able to fly. It will be interesting to see how the full story unfolds when the Hulk makes a Smashtronaut costume equipped with a jetpack. We’ll see if the costume has other advantages besides the jetpack. Comic Hulk #1 is scheduled for release in November 2021.

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