How to Enter the Mall Using a COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate, Mother Needs to Know


The rule that requires mall visitors to show a COVID-19 vaccine certificate has come into effect, Mother. In DKI Jakarta itself, the trial runs along with the gradual opening of malls or shopping centers.

In practice, malls or shopping centers will optimize them by using digital search, namely using the PeduliLindung application.

Later, the digital tracking results will be connected directly via a QR Code with the Ministry of Health system. Then, the scan will reveal the visitor’s vaccination status as well as the PCR test.

Now for mothers and families who are interested in entering the mall, it is necessary to know and understand these rules. For more details, see how to prepare a digital vaccine certificate and the process for its use as follows.

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How to check vaccine certificate

To check the status and certificate of the vaccine for those who have received it, namely:

  • Click
  • Fill in the Full Name and Population Identification Number (NIK)
  • Check column ‘I’m not a robot’
  • Click ‘Check’

How to download vaccine certificates at

If you’ve seen vaccine certificates registered with PeduliLindung, here are two ways to download and save them on your device:

1. Website

  • Click on the site
  • Click the Login/Register menu. Click Register if you don’t have an account yet.
  • Enter the full name and phone number used when registering for the Covid-19 vaccination.
  • Fill in the 6-digit OTP code sent by PEDULICOVID via SMS.
  • Click ‘Account Name’ on the website.
  • Click the ‘Name’ that appears on the ‘Vaccine Certificate’, then enter your NIK to open and download the Covid-19 vaccine certificate.
  • If the Covid-19 vaccine certificate is not yet available, you can call the 119 call center with extension 9 for assistance.

2. application

  • Download the application via the AppStore or PlayStore.
  • Click Sign In/Register. Click Register if you don’t have an account yet.
  • Fill in personal data.
  • Fill in the 6-digit OTP code sent by PEDULICOVID via SMS.
  • Click Digital Passport in the lower right corner or Account in the upper right corner then click Vaccine Certificate- if the name already appears on the Vaccine Certificate, enter your NIK to open and download the COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

How to enter the mall using PeduliLindung:

  • Open PeduliLindung, then scan the QR Code next to the entrance.
  • If the application shows a green color, visitors are allowed to enter the mall.

Check out more information on the following page, Mother.

Mother, also check out the five activities that require a COVID-19 Vaccine certificate in the following video:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]


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