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Generally, people who have vaccinated will get a Covid-19 vaccine certificate in physical form in the form of a card or digitally.

These two certificates are useful as proof if the participant has received the Covid-19 vaccine. Of course, for those of you who have been vaccinated, you want to download and print a Covid-19 vaccine certificate.

How to download a Covid-19 vaccine certificate and how to print a Covid-19 vaccine certificate is very easy. You can download it first, then print the Covid-19 vaccine certificate.

Here are 3 ways that can be done.

By SMS from 1199

Participants who have received the Covid-19 vaccine will receive an SMS from number 1199 stating that they have successfully participated in the first stage of vaccination. The SMS contains the full name, NIK number, vaccine ticket number, and schedule for administering the second dose of vaccine, complete with the date and location of vaccination.

The short message also includes a link to view a digital vaccine certificate as proof that the first vaccine has been completed.

CareProtect App

The Covid-19 vaccination certificate can be accessed through the PeduliLindung application. This application can be downloaded via Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Here’s how to view the Covid-19 vaccine certificate through the PeduliLindung application:

1. Open the PeduliLindung application via your smartphone (Androdi/iOS).

2. Then, fill in your full name and mobile number in the fields provided.

3. Later, you will receive an OTP code sent via SMS.

4. Reopen the PeduliLindung application, then enter the OTP code.

5. After creating an account, your user will bring up the main page (homepage).

6. To check the Covid-19 vaccine certificate, click the “Profile” icon located to the right of the “Search Zoning” column.

7. On the “Profile” menu, click the “Vaccine Certificate” option, then select “Check”.

8. Fill in the registered NIK and mobile phone number to carry out the vaccination program.

9. On the next page, the first and second stage certificates will be listed.

10. If you want to download the certificate, you just need to click on one of the vaccination injection stages.

11. After that, click “Yes” to download the vaccination certificate.

If the download process is complete, the Covid-19 vaccine certificate will be automatically saved in your smartphone storage.

CareProtect Site

In addition to the application, you can also check vaccination certificates by accessing the PeduliLindung official website. Here are the ways.

1. Visit the PeduliLindung site by clicking the following link

2. On the main page, select the option “View Vaccination Tickets & Certificates”.

3. When clicked, you are asked to enter the mobile number that has been registered to run the vaccination program.

4. Next, enter the OTP code sent via SMS for the verification process.

5. After successfully logging in, click the “Vaccine Certificate” menu on the left.

6. The first and second stages of the Covid-19 vaccine certificate will appear.

After following the steps on how to download the Covid-19 vaccine certificate above, you can directly print the Covid-19 vaccine certificate with a personal printer, or take it to a printing service provider, such as an internet cafe or photocopy.


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