How to claim credit car insurance is not difficult

How to Claim Credit Car Insurance

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Jakarta – How to claim credit car insurance varies depending on the type of insurance used. Each company also seems to have its own procedures.

But take it easy. Because this time Carmudi will invite you to see the procedures of several large insurance companies. Who knows one of them is the one you guys use.

This way of claiming insurance may be needed by those who have recently experienced a bad incident on their vehicle. Whether it’s an accident or even a loss.

In such a situation, car insurance will be very beneficial. The premium costs incurred so far have not been in vain.

If you bought a new car on credit, it’s most likely already insured. Just make sure the type of insurance you get.

In general, car insurance is divided into two, namely comprehensive and Total Loss Only (TLO). In addition, there is also what is called combination insurance.

From the name you can probably guess. For this one type, it is a combination of comprehensive and TLO.

Knowing the type of insurance to use is important. The reason was to understand the extent of the protection he had.

Don’t let your time and effort go to waste. When the claim submission has been made, it seems that the problems that have befallen are beyond protection.

If the claim submitted has been approved, then the car can be repaired by a partner repair shop.

More details about the type of insurance itself can be seen through the information below.

Differences in TLO, Comprehensive, and Combination Insurance

The type of TLO insurance is arguably the most popular. Naturally, the premium price is the cheapest among other types.

The difference in premium costs is influenced by the extent of protection provided by each type of insurance.

Definition of TLO Insurance

TLO insurance provides the most basic protection. The insurance company will only provide replacement if the car is lost due to theft or is badly damaged.

In this case, severe damage is intended when the required repair costs are equal to or more than 70% of the price of the car immediately before the damage.

So if the car only has scratches, it can be ascertained that it is outside the responsibility of the insurance company.

Understanding Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is also sometimes referred to as all-risk insurance. This type of insurance provides wider protection than TLO.

Covers light damage, moderate damage, to heavy damage. Coverage of protection also you experience the loss of the vehicle.

Definition of Combination Insurance

Combination car insurance is pretty much offered as part of a car loan package. Basically, this type of insurance combines protection from TLO and comprehensive insurance.

For example, in the first few years consumers get comprehensive coverage for cars purchased on credit. In the following years the protection changed to TLO.

A few tips if you use combination insurance, be sure to remember when comprehensive coverage and TLO apply. Because based on experience it is very easy to forget.

For example, in the first year of credit, the car suffered minor abrasions. Because it still gets comprehensive protection, repair costs can be borne.

Then in the second year something similar happened. When trying to make a claim, it was rejected. Even though we already feel calm because it will be replaced.

This can happen because it turns out that the comprehensive protection period has ended.

Car accident

Illustration of a car accident. (Photo: Wikimedia)

How to Claim Credit Car Insurance

Citing information on the official Garda Oto insurance page, how to claim credit car insurance is not much different from a car that has been paid off. The steps are as follows.

Car Guard Insurance

  1. Immediately report the incident or damage. At this stage, try to document the condition of the car in the form of photos.
  2. Prepare documents, such as driver’s license, vehicle registration, insurance policy, and a certificate from the police, especially if the car is damaged more than 70%.
  3. Come to the nearest branch office. For this stage, consumers are advised to fill out a report through the Garda Mobile Otocare application first to get a special queue number.
  4. Monitor the process through the app. At this stage the officer will conduct a survey of the condition of the car.
  5. If all processes are smooth and there are no problems, the car can be repaired.

Adira Insurance

  1. Report claims by coming to the office or contacting Adira Care (1500 456) a maximum of five working days after the incident.
  2. Prepare the requested documents and photos of the damage to the car.
  3. Undergoing the survey process and claims analysis.
  4. Replacement of claims according to the provisions.

BCA Finance

To note, BCA Finance is actually a finance company, not an insurance company. However, it seems that they collaborate with insurance companies to provide protection to their car loan consumers.

For severe damage or the car is lost, the procedures include:

  1. Report to BCA Finance within 3×24 hours.
  2. Complete documents, including Certificate of Receipt of Reports from the Police, original STNK, original and duplicate ignition keys, photocopies of the Insured’s SIM and KTP, claim forms, statement letters from the Police Headquarters.
  3. Block letter, specifically for missing cars.

For partial accidents:

  1. Report within 3×24 hours.
  2. File an official claim with documents, including photocopy of STNK, photocopy of driving license, photocopy of the insured’s ID card, and claim form.
  3. Additional documents are required in the form of a Certificate of Receipt of Reports from the Police if the machine is seriously damaged and there is theft by a bad person.
  4. A claim letter from a third party when there is a claim.

Of the three companies above, there are some similarities in the procedure for submitting insurance claims. It all starts from the reporting process, document collection, survey, and then it is decided whether the claim is accepted or rejected.

If the insurance you are using is not listed above, the stages may not be much different. So when you experience a bad incident on a credited car, you should immediately report it to the insurance company.

Car Insurance Fee

Illustration of the cost of car insurance. (Photo: Google)

Be Prepared for Own Risk Cost

Don’t be surprised if you are still asked to spend some money when the insurance claim is approved, one of which is at your own risk.

The amount is not much, namely Rp. 300,000 according to the rules of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and adjusted to the policies of each insurance company. The purpose of the cost of the risk itself is to always remind car owners to always be careful when driving.

The existence of its own risk costs can also be a consideration whether the damage that occurs should be claimed or not.

If the damage is minor with an estimated repair cost that is less than your own risk, then you should think about filing a claim.

The rest, car insurance is a very useful protection for your vehicle. Highly recommended to have it for those who are really on a budget.

How much it costs? A rough example, for a car worth Rp 200 million for a DKI Jakarta number plate issued in 2020, on average it takes around Rp 800 thousand to Rp 1 million per year for TLO insurance.

Comprehensive insurance is definitely more expensive. With the same criteria, a car needs to spend around Rp. 4.8 million to Rp. 6 million per year. Not a small amount if you remember every year you also have to pay taxes.

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