How the Suicide Squad Movie Group Can Beat Superman

Maybe you’ve heard, James Gunn originally planned that the enemy of the Suicide Squad in the film was Superman. However, due to several factors, the plan was discontinued.

So what if for example a group member in a movie? Suicide Squad really pitted against Superman? Can they win?

I can think. But there are several factors to consider.

1. Kryptonite bullets are mandatory

This is how the group in The Suicide Squad can beat Superman!

Bloodsport was arrested because he seriously injured Superman.

So yeah, if for example he was given Kryptonite bullets, he could just make Superman lose.

In my opinion, Amanda Waller will also provide Kryptonite bullets for this squad. So not only Bloodsport, but Rick Flagg, Peacemaker, even Harley Quinn can attack Superman.

But of course it’s not that easy. Given how fast and powerful Superman is, I think there needs to be at least some distraction or cover for the firing squad.

Because if Superman was serious, this ordinary human could be paralyzed in an instant.

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2. Nanaue could be the role that holds Superman back

One of the tactics I can imagine the Suicide Squad using against Superman is for someone to restrain Superman while the snipers get ready.

Nanaue is the physically strongest in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad group.

Can Nanaue last long against Superman? I suspect not. This shark man is very strong in Suicide Squad, but Superman is strong and very fast.

But as long as Nanaue can hold Superman down for a while, there might come a time for Bloodsport to shoot Superman.

3. Can Polka-Dot Man be put on trial for attacking Superman?

This is how the group in The Suicide Squad can beat Superman!

The Polka-Dot Man version of this film is beyond belief.

His attacks could easily kill humans brutally. Later creatures like Starro can be injured by his attacks, although most human weapons cannot injure most of Starro’s body.

I also suspect that Polka-Dot Man could surprise Superman with his polka-dot attack.

But of course Polka-Dot Man’s toughness is the same as ordinary humans. If he is not protected, Superman will be able to defeat him easily.

4. Ratcatcher 2 can also be a distraction for Superman

This is how the group in The Suicide Squad can beat Superman! Warner Bros/The Suicide Squad

Can mice hurt Superman? I don’t think so.

But if Ratcatcher deploys an army of rats, I think it will at least be able to distract Superman, or even keep his eyes busy with rats while the Kryptonite bullet users fire.

5. The above plan should work perfectly to defeat Superman

This is how the group in The Suicide Squad can beat Superman!

If, for example, the Suicide Squad were to go up against Henry Cavill’s Superman, they desperately needed a good plan and luck.

You have seen for yourself how powerful this figure is.

But Bloodsport had already beaten Superman, and if supported by a team like this, he could win again.

I think the above plan can help defeat Superman. But all these plans really have to go perfectly, because the slightest mistake, Superman will be able to turn things around.

So that’s my theory on how to group in movies Suicide Squad can beat Superman. Do you disagree? Say it in the comments column!

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