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Gridhot.ID – Indonesia is currently promoting a COVID-19 vaccination program.

Quoted by Gridhot from, in Jakarta itself, the government requires its citizens to get the COVID-19 vaccine and even makes it a condition to be able to enjoy public facilities.

Not only that, currently a Covid-19 vaccine certificate is one of the requirements for traveling and entering public facilities.

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Quoted by Gridhot from Kontan, a number of regions have implemented the community to show vaccine certificates at hotels, restaurants, warteg, salons and barbershops, tourist destinations, to domestic tourists who use cars, motorbikes, buses, trains, ships and planes.

By requiring a Covid-19 vaccine certificate to access public facilities, it is hoped that herd immunity can be achieved soon.

“So later on to a restaurant and not using this (certificate), refuse. Don’t shop with this, refuse. Because this is for the safety of all of us,” said Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menko Marves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, after monitoring the implementation of vaccinations. at the Sleman Secretariat Building, Friday (6/8/2021).

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However, until now the World Health Organization (WHO) and epidemiologists have not recommended it. Why is that?

WHO says about mandatory vaccines

Reporting from the WHO page on Covid-19 and Mandatory Vaccination: Ethical Considerations and Warnings which aired on April 13, 2021, it was stated that vaccines are the most effective tool to protect the public from Covid-19.

Therefore, Covid-19 vaccinations are carried out worldwide.

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WHO also recognizes that many countries will need vaccines to increase vaccination rates and achieve public health goals.

Such a policy is ethically justifiable, as it may be important to protect the health and well-being of the public.

“Nevertheless, because policies mandating an action or behavior interfere with individual freedom and autonomy, they should seek to balance communal well-being with individual freedom,” the WHO said on its website.

Therefore, WHO says it has no position for or against mandatory Covid-19 vaccination.

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However, WHO said there are several factors that need to be considered by the government or policy makers.


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