His shadow also faded, Lesty Kejora’s anger exploded in front of Rizky Billar, the singer shouted loudly from the employee while the camera was still on: Can you hear it!

image.ID – Gentle and well-spoken, that is the image that the public remembers of Lesty Kejora.

Throughout his career, Rizky Billar’s future wife has never received bad news about her temperament.

On the other hand, people know Lesty Kejora as a gentle and cheerful person.

But Lesty Kejora is also human, her patience has limits.

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The recent events are perhaps the most memorable of Lesty Kejora’s anger.

The singer’s gentle image soon faded at that very moment.

How could Lesty Kejora be treated unprofessionally by Rizky Billar and his creative team.

Even though at that time Lesty Kejora had already made preparations that took hours.

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Naturally, Lesty Kejora attacked Rizky Billar and a number of his employees.

Launching an Instagram account post @rizkybillar on Sunday (25/7/2021), Rizky Billar promised to live on Instagram with Lesty Kejora.

This live broadcast was conducted by Rizky Billar in order to celebrate one year of his meeting with his future wife.

Not to forget, to enliven the atmosphere, Rizky Billar also promised a number of gifts for fans.

“Along with the first anniversary, we will reveal it through YouTube streaming,” said Rizky Billar.

“Anyway, don’t forget to watch our live stream later,” said Lesty Kejora

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“And later there will be a giveaway there, especially for you,” said Rizky Billar.

However, 3 hours after the post, Rizky Billar and Lesty Kejora even canceled the live broadcast.

Suddenly this made the fans disappointed.

The problem is not only disappointed fans, but also Lesty Kejora who spent hours getting ready.

“Guys, sorry, I couldn’t live stream due to a technical error.” explained Rizky Billar in his latest IG Story post.

Behind him is Lesty Kejora with a sullen face in front of the camera.

Lesty Kejora grumbles to Rizky Billar and his creative team

Collage Instagram/@rizkybillar

Lesty Kejora grumbles to Rizky Billar and his creative team

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A number of Rizky Billar employees were also sprayed by Lesty Kejorajora

“Did you hear that you are behind the team, what are we talking about,” said Lesty Kejora.

Lesty Kejora was annoyed that she had spent hours preparing herself.

“Even though it’s been hours, Dedek touch ups here and there, Dedek has made up since what time?” The ferocious Lesty Kejora.

Rizky Billar, who was also hit by Lesty Kejora’s tantrums, did nothing to defend his employees.

“It’s their fault. Just let me know, tomorrow again,” said Rizky Billar.

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