His lungs are covered with virus, the fog is white

Grid.ID Reporter Widy Hastuti Chasanah

Grid.ID – The sad news recently came from a well-known Indonesian singer, Inul Daratista.

So who is the person who made Inul Daratista grieve?

Reported from Grid.IDThe sad news was initially shared by Inul Daratista through her personal Instagram account @inul.d, Saturday (24/7/2021).

In his upload, Inul Daratista shared several men with hazmat who were at the cemetery and waiting for the bodies to arrive.

In his photo caption, Inul Daratista appears to be snapping at people who don’t believe in COVID-19.

“Still don’t believe this covid bastard? (emoticon). Goodbye dear. God has prepared a beautiful place for you. Sorry buratu, sis (emoji),” wrote Inul Daratista.

“Hopefully all of you are given health away from covid. We do not know where the virus is, which is clearly all around us. If there is a vaccine, stay alert.”

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“When you are not healthy any disease will be ready to come to you happily attack us even our loved ones. Let’s take care of our health (emoji),” he concluded.

Inul Daratista shares sad news

Instagram @inul.d

Inul Daratista shares sad news

Investigate a calibration, the figure who breathed his last was Inul Daratista’s brother-in-law.

Knowing this, Adem Suseno’s wife looked very devastated and told the chronology of her sister’s death.

This was known on the HITZ INFOTAINMENT Youtube channel on (29/07/2021).

In the upload, the owner of the rocking rocking initially admitted that he was very sad and did not think that his sister-in-law was gone.

“It’s sad because the people closest to me and Mas Adam, call every day, every job, sometimes he handles everything,” said Inul.

Inul Daratista

Youtube Hits Info

Inul Daratista

Inul admitted, apart from stomach pain, her sister also suffered from pneumonia which made her unable to be helped.

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“I don’t think so. Some time ago he felt sick, uncomfortable in his stomach, while Mas Adam said he had to wipe me, I was afraid because in that area, right?”

“He has pneumonia which is quite large, almost all of his lungs are covered with viruses, the fog is all white, yes, we work with plasma, the equipment is good, we have even given medicine, it’s just sad” said Inul.

When remembering that moment, Inul also admitted that she was very sad because she admitted that she was stressed and traumatized by Covid-19.

“Incidentally all doctors have helped me treat my sister well, from a heart doctor, diabetes doctor, lung doctor.”

“Yes, but Covid-19 is really bad, sadly so far I’ve been hit, it doesn’t have that effect, right, but when a close relative gets it, it causes trauma, it creates stress. I couldn’t sleep for several days.” she says.

Furthermore, Inul told the chronology of his brother-in-law’s death.

Inul Daratista

Instagram @inul.d

Inul Daratista

“Yes, in the regions, they think Covid-19 is just a cough, runny nose, or stomachache, right, but that’s something to watch out for.”

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“Because my sister yesterday said her stomach was not feeling well, Adam who was 2 or 3 days old kept telling me to go to the doctor, ‘It’s okay, why don’t you give me medicine’,”

“Suddenly on the 7th day he felt unwell, he was sweating corns, shortness of breath, I was called to look for a hospital, wow I was desperate to find a hospital in Surabaya, right?,” he explained.

At the end of his sentence, this rich swordsman gave a touching message to the public about the importance of maintaining health to avoid Covid-19.

“To the public that covid exists and is not playing around. So I hope people can understand this. Those who don’t believe in covid, go ahead.” explained Inul.

“But for those of you who want to survive Covid, you must be vaccinated. Vaccines don’t make things worse if we get caught, it hurts a lot, those are my closest people, right.” he concluded.

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