His intentions are strong, Devano intentionally leaves the club, Iis Dahlia’s anger doesn’t play around, traumatized child: I really remember

image.ID – The relationship between Iis Dahlia and her son, Devano Danendra, is not always harmonious.

Like other mothers and children, Iis Dahlia and Devano Danendra often got into fights and misunderstood.

There were even times when Iis Dahlia was almost overwhelmed by Devano Danendra’s behavior.

Iis Dahlia’s anger often exploded in front of Devano Danendra.

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You could say, Iis Dahlia’s anger at the age of 14 was the most memorable moment for Devano Danendra.

Iis Dahlia’s anger at that time traumatized Devano Danendra and gave up.

Imagine, at the age of 14-15 years, Devano Danendra apparently often ran away to nightclubs.

Unmitigated, Iis Dahlia’s youngest child even comes home almost every morning.

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This confession was expressed by Devano Danendra himself in YouTube Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia, Sunday (25/4/2021).

Iis Dhalia’s anger was initially triggered by Devano Danendra’s desire to enter the world of entertainment.

But as a parent, Iis Dahlia does not want her child to follow in her footsteps.

“As the old saying goes, you have to be a doctor, you have to be a pilot, or something,” said Devano Danendra.

Unfortunately, Devano Danendra still insists on becoming an artist.

Until finally Devano ran away from home.

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“Maybe they were shocked and forbade me and I ended up running away from home,” he continued.

Instead of running away to a relative’s or friend’s house, Devano Danendra ran away to a nightclub.

Not for clubbing, Devano Danendra fled to a nightclub to expand his relationship and look for relationships to become an artist.

Almost every night Devano Danendra goes to the club and comes home at 3 am.

“I was in the phase of being out at night and coming home at 3am every day.

“Because I really want to have a relationship that can invite me in the singing field,” explained Devano Danendra.

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Devano tells about Iis Dahlia's tantrum when she finds out she ran away to a nightclub at night

Screenshot of Youtube/Harper’s Bazaar via Tribunnews Bogor

Devano tells about Iis Dahlia’s tantrum when she finds out she ran away to a nightclub at night

Until finally Iis Dhalia found out about his behavior and was furious.

He was even pelted with bottles by Iis Dahlia to traumatize him.

“I was thrown by my mother with a bottle. I remember well, so I was traumatized,” he said with a laugh.

Devano Danendra then explained to his mother that he had gone to seek relationships, not clubbing.

“I am 14-15 years old I already like live music, to clubs and others because the goal is not to be recalcitrant,” he explained.

Now after a long struggle, Devano Danendra is finally approved by his mother to enter the world of entertainment.

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