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GridPop.ID – Who does not know the famous comedian Andre Taulany?

Yes, the man who once worked as a singer is indeed at the peak of his career.

Imagine, almost every day the face of this 46-year-old man is never absent to entertain the people of Indonesia.

On television, Andre Taulany is known to fill several soap operas such as Lapor Pak! and BTS: Joking But Relaxing.

In addition, he has also spread his wings on the digital platform YouTube through the Taulany TV channel.

Even recently, Andre Taulany and his motorcycle gang The Prediction have just released a song called ‘Orchestra Prediction’.

For your information, The Prediction is a motorcycle gang that contains many famous celebrities including Andre Taulany, Soleh Solihun, Vincent Rompies, Desta, Wendy Cagur, Gading Marten, Surya Insomnia, Imam Darto, Ananda Omesh, Stevi Item, Ferry Maryadi, Tora Sudiro, and Ronald Surapradja.

Unfortunately, behind his increasingly successful career in the entertainment world, Andre Taulany’s household is reportedly fractured.

Even some time ago there was news that Andre Taulany was being sued for divorce by his wife, Erin Taulany.

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Launch Delicious foodThe news of the rift of the household of Andre Taulany and Erin Taulany was crowded by netizens in 2019.

This divorce issue was initially reported and coded by the psychic Mbah Mijan through his personal Instagram account.

Mbah Mijan uploaded a photo he got from a screen shoot and showed the names “Andre and Erin Taulany”.

In the middle of the night Mbah was sent a screenshot of Mbah’s IG story on September 3, 2019. Finally, I looked it up myself, because I forgot a bit.

Don’t be baper, Mbah is just a fad, I miss them. Anyone remember Mbah’s IG Story? Which I almost forgot,” wrote Mbah Mijan.

Mbah Mijan's Prediction About Andre Taulany's Household


Mbah Mijan’s Prediction About Andre Taulany’s Household

As a result of this upload, many netizens speculated that Mbah Mijan predicted that the couple Andre and Erin were experiencing turmoil.

But suddenly one of the neighbors, Andre Taulany and Erin Taulany, clearly revealed an astonishing fact.

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Still launching Delicious foodIn the eyes of their neighbors, the couple who married in 2005 are still harmonious and often do activities together.

Launch of the program iCeleb which aired on (4/9/2019), Andre’s neighbor revealed that Andre and Erin’s household still got along.

“Still in one house, seems to be getting along well,” said the unnamed neighbor.

“What I see, I’m still getting along,” said neighbor Andre, quoting iSeleb.

Contrary to what Andre’s neighbor said, Andre’s security guard did not know about Andre and Erin’s household.

When approached, the security guard said his two bosses were not home.

“Oh, I’m not home, Mba. My family is not at home. My father and mother are also not at home,” said the security guard.

“But it’s okay, right?” asked the media.

“I don’t know. It’s okay,” he continued.

Shortly after interviewing the security guard, Erin came home using a private car but was not accompanied by her husband.

Unfortunately, Erin immediately rushed into the house and did not want to answer questions from the media crew.

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