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GridFame.id – Recently, Rozak’s father’s behavior has been in the spotlight.

Rozak’s father’s attitude when he hit his son’s haters was considered too arrogant.

Not only that, he was also judged if Ayu Ting Ting’s father’s attitude was too arrogant when interviewed.

Many people regretted the behavior of Rozak’s father because suddenly Ayu Ting Ting’s blacklist petition from the small screen continued to rise.

Reportedly, Ayu Ting Ting was fired from a TV station.

Not only that, Ayu Ting Ting has also been humiliated on stage.

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The incident began when Ayu Ting Ting, who was a judge on the RSID (Rising Star Indonesia Dangdut) show, came on stage.

At that time, Ayu gave an example of participants singing Indian songs.

When Ayu Ting Ting was asked for a duet by two presenters, unexpectedly, the participants refused.

“I want a duet with Judika,” said a participant named Dian.

Ivan Gunawan immediately guided Ayu Ting Ting off the stage. Ayu also looked embarrassed to say it.

“Eh, he wants to duet with Judika, why am I the one who was told to come forward? If you talk about it, don’t make it up,” said Ayu.

ayu ting ting insulted


ayu ting ting insulted

The video also received a lot of attention from the public. Most do not like Dian’s behavior.

@Annisa Dilapanga: “REAL KARMA!! You Have No Attitude! You Dian, Thank God you’re OUT! It’s okay to be arrogant, arrogant and arrogant again. Heyyy all the judges are still assessing your attitude, character and attitude on stage and how can you (DIAN) not appreciate Ayu tingting there who is clearly there and close to you, that’s an insult and thank God Ivan Gunawan quickly picked Ayu up from there! To the extent that Judika feels uncomfortable with Ayu”

@Raquel Gaming Cool: “Not just being an artist is arrogant, while Ayu is a top artist, never chooses 2 to sing with whoever she wants, thank God you were beaten by someone better than you, no Indian song can blame Ayu TingTing,”

@Nyoman Meni: “Wow, what’s wrong, what’s wrong, that’s the karma you received for your refusal with Mrs. Ayu, which I am proud of, Mr. Ivan immediately picked up Mrs. Ayu to get off the stage, salute to Mr. Ivan, who always looks after Mrs. Ayu,”

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It was reported that Ayu Ting Ting was deliberately excluded from the Pesbuker event.

That’s because Ayu Ting Ting is reported to be often late and undisciplined when playing in Pesbukers events.

“It’s not only Ayu who is late,” replied Abdul Rozak, Friday (14/7/2017) quoted from GridFame.id previously.

According to him, Ayu’s delay never leaves a few segments.

Because Ayu herself is one of the artists who is busy with a definite shooting schedule.

Rozak’s father doesn’t care when his son is no longer at Pesbuker events, the important thing is to always pray for his son’s health and sustenance always flows.

“Ayu is also late because she has work. But thank God so far I’ve never been late for how many segments. See how many segments, never. Ayu is also a disciplined person, she is responsible for work problems. The important thing is that Ayu is healthy, God willing, her sustenance will increase,” continued Abdul Rozak.

Rozak and Ayu Ting Ting's father

Rozak and Ayu Ting Ting’s father

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