Gordon Ramsay angers newlyweds as he ‘smashes’ £1300 wedding to film new TV series

The newlyweds lashed out at Gordon Ramsay and his production team for ruining their wedding day.

Charlie Willis, 35, and his wife Laura, 29, tied the knot on a private beach in Newquay, Cornwall, last month, but were left to crumble when the beach was ‘destroyed’ by a film crew as they filmed celebrity chef Gordon’s new TV series Future Food Stars.

When Gordon and his team take over the beach at Lusty Glaze, the bride and groom describe their day as a ‘nightmare’. However, it is understood that the wedding party does not guarantee the ‘exclusive use’ of the beach.

Horror wedding: The newlyweds lashed out at chef Gordon Ramsay and his production team for ruining their wedding day after they took over the same beach in Newquay (photo: Gordon filmed at Lusty Glaze beach in June)

According to The Sun, Charlie, a plumber from Kettering, said he and his wife “felt like extras” during their wedding.

“Everything was a real nightmare in the kitchen,” Charlie said. ‘We both worked really hard to save up for the day and we felt like extras at a games show.’

The couple had paid £1,300 to have a private ceremony on the beach and a gourmet dinner for six – £50 per head – after their wedding.

Gordon and his team, however, have taken over the kitchen due to filming, with Charlie claiming the couple’s wedding dinner ended ‘cheap and nasty’.

Upset: Gordon is shooting for his new show, with married couple Charlie and Laura leaving furious and ‘feeling like extras’ when their wedding is taken over by the film crew (photo: Gordon and film crew on Lusty Glaze beach in June)

A spokesperson for Lusty Glaze told the publication that the wedding did not guarantee exclusive use of the beach, meaning Gordon and his team were allowed to continue production under ‘highly unusual’ circumstances.

After hearing the newlyweds were unhappy, Gordon is said to have paid the couple’s wedding expenses in full as a good gesture.

Her producer at Studio Ramsay, Sharon Powers, also sent the couple a letter apologizing for any disappointment they had caused and insisting that the team was ’embarrassed’ that they had affected their special day.

It read: ‘Dear Mr and Mrs Willis, I am writing this letter to apologize for the disappointment caused by our filming on your wedding day at Lusty Glaze beach.

“I am ashamed that we affected your special day and I can assure you that we never meant to disappoint you or your guests.

Good attitude: Gordon paid their £1300 wedding expenses in full after hearing they weren’t happy with the crew impacting their big day

Sending their apologies: Tim Gordon reached out to the couple and wrote an apology letter, stating they were ‘shame’ for ruining their marriage (photo: Gordon in a cooking tutorial on his YouTube channel)

‘As you know, we have now fully paid for your wedding, which I hope can make amends and acknowledge how sorry I am that your special day was affected, albeit unintentionally, by us.

‘I hope you can accept my apology and I wish you well for the future.’

A representative for Gordon told MailOnline: ‘No gates hit, Studio Ramsay was booked to shoot on the beach on the same day as various weddings and events going on.

‘It’s a shame this couple is still complaining, their bill was generously covered, they were happy to chat with Gordon that day, they don’t have exclusive use of the beach and all the other beachgoers have a great time joining in. & turn off the camera.’

Gordon News had secured a new show with the BBC, titled Future Food Stars, revealed in April, with reports revealing the show will follow a similar format to The Apprentice.

It involved 12 entrepreneurs hoping to receive a life-changing restaurant investment.

A nod to Gordon’s potty mouth, the show’s acronym FFS is a pun after the star’s iconic series The F Word that helped him rise to fame.

A TV source revealed at the time that filming was supposed to start in 2020, but was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic and rescheduled for this summer.

It came after fans saw Gordon make his presentation debut as he hosted the BBC gameshow Bank Balance, following the temporary closure of his restaurant as a result of lockdown restrictions.

However, reports claim the primetime show is allegedly facing the ax after just two weeks on the air amid poor ratings.

Bank Balance premiered on the BBC in February, earlier this year, with two million viewers watching its launch.

As the figure dropped to 1.6 million in two days, BBC bosses were reportedly considering ‘pull the plug’ on the show, with ‘the future hanging in the balance’.

At the time, a BBC spokesman said ‘no decision’ had been made while the show was still broadcasting.

New project: Gordon’s new show, Future Food Stars, confirmed by the BBC in April (photo: Gordon on Youtube cooking tutorial)

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