Get to know the Sandworm, the Terrible Monster in the Dune Movie!

In story sand dunes, characters on the planet Arrakis must be able to survive the harsh weather and situations on the planet. However, the most terrible thing, of course, is that they must be able to survive the attack of a large creature that can take their lives, namely the Sandworm. However, maybe most of the geeks who haven’t read the novel are curious about the Sandworm that had appeared in the movie trailer.

You could say the monster is an alien monster that will present a big conflict with the main characters. On the planet Arakkis, the Sandworm is known as “Shai-Hulud.” Sandworms are the original inhabitants of the desert planet Arakkis. There is no Sandworm on any other planet than on the planet Arakkis. In the novel itself, Sandworm is known as the “archetype beast.” Sandworms breed on the planet Arrakis because of the planet’s environment.

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What’s interesting about Sandworm is that according to Frank Herbert, the author of the novel sand dunes, in an interview mentioned that the creature does not like water. To them, water is poison. In the interview, Herbert also explained that the situation that occurred on the planet Arrakis and related to the Sandworm was adapted from life in the real world.

Then, how big is the size of the Sandworm? In fact, there are several versions of Sandworm of varying sizes described in the novel. Sand worms average hundreds of meters in size. But based on existing records, the largest sandworm size can reach 9,000 feet or reach 2,743 meters. This means that it is not easy for ordinary humans to be able to defeat or destroy the Sandworm.

Sandworms are also attracted to vibrations, which makes driving or even walking on the planet Arakkis a threat to one’s life. It is for this reason that many characters in the story prefer to travel with ornithopters. Unfortunately, not all have ornithopters.

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Fremen – natives of the planet Arakkis – do not have this means of transportation. With difficult natural conditions, they try to adapt to their environment, including Sandworm. They live in rocky areas that are difficult for sandworms to penetrate. They also have a vibration or seismic generator known as a “thumper.”

The tool is used when they are in danger, when the Sandworm begins to threaten their lives. And what is interesting and also unique is that the Fremen tribe is able to ride the Sandworm, like a riding animal. When on the surface, Fremen will use a tool called a “maker hook” to create a gap. Later there will be sand coming in, which makes the Sandworm a little sick and prevents it from going back underground.

By using these tools in sufficient quantities, the Fremen tribe can ride or ride Sandworms. There are other interesting facts about Sandworm. Although they are monstrous large creatures, their larvae produce what is known as a melange. Melange itself is a very important material in the galaxy.

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Melange has a taste and aroma that is very similar to cinnamon. Being the most important ingredient, Melange can also give long life to those who eat it, blue eyes, and various other amazing things. In addition to producing a material called melange, Sandworm also turns out to have an important role for the planet Arrakis.

Earth has trees as a source of oxygen. However, the planet Arakkis has absolutely no plants or trees as a source of oxygen. So where does all the oxygen on the planet come from? Believe it or not Sandworm is the only creature that produces oxygen on the planet Arakkis. The Sand Worm’s complex body is capable of generating heat energy for its beneficial planet. Without the presence of Sandworm, the planet Arakkis would be destroyed.

Then, does Sandworm also need to eat? They also need food and they don’t eat regular food. They consume sand on the planet Arrakis. The Sand Worms are trying to survive on the planet Arrakis, and only sand is abundant for the Sand Worms. The sand in Arrakis is rich in dry minerals and various other things that can make Sandworms survive.

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