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In story sand dunes by Frank Herbert, there is a medicinal ingredient or spice called Melange, or what is also known as “spice.” Melange itself is a mysterious drug that is able to give the user the ability to see into the future and also increase his alertness. Melange is also a commodity that is fought over by many people.

Melange is an object or thing that is very important in the world sand dunes. So influential, Melange even built a political structure related to the material. Planet Arakkis is the only place where we can find Melange. However, perhaps not many people know about Melange.

What is Melange?

Dune – Melange Spice – Lodging at the Crossroads

Melange may sound like a type of illegal drug – what Melange is actually a drug. Even so, Melange becomes a very important resource in the story sand dunes. Even Melange became a source of income for a kingdom. As mentioned above, Melange is a medicine capable of granting its user special powers.

How is Melange Formed?

In the novel itself, Melange only appears a few times. If it appears in gas form, Melange will have an orange color. However, if it appears physically, as in the God Emperor of sand dunes, it is mentioned that Melange has a “flaming blue” color. When one started to become dependent on Melange, their eyes would also turn blue.

Dune Zendaya and Spice characters blue eyes, explained - Polygon

This is the reason why Fremen has the nickname “Eye of the Worship.” Their eyes will be even more blue because of Melange’s “side effect”. Due to consuming Melange too often, in the end all the residents of Fremen have shining blue eyes. Mentioned that Melange has a taste and aroma similar to cinnamon in the real world.

How to Get Melange?

Getting Melange material is not an easy matter. Melange itself comes from the soil in the Arrakis region, where the soil in Arrakis mixes with sandworm larvae that explode due to the extreme heat. Aside from explosions, those trying to obtain Melange should also be careful as the ingredients themselves are actually poisonous.

Sandworm from Dune by David Lynch.

To be able to harvest Melange, you need a special vehicle called a Harvester. They had to try to avoid the Sand Worms before they could harvest the Melange. Harvesters themselves are protected by boats called Carryalls, which are ready to pick up Harvesters and take them to safety. However, unlike the Fremen tribe, they can and are used to manually harvesting Melange for their consumption.

What Makes Melange Valuable?

As explained earlier, Melange is the most precious material in the world sand dunes. In fact, to the point of becoming a commodity and a struggle for the existing kingdoms. One of the reasons why Melange is so valuable is because of the effect or power that the material imparts. There are several capabilities that will be owned by the user.

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The first is longevity. Both have psychotropic abilities. And lastly is the ability to see into the past, present, and future. Melange is often also used for navigation purposes in outer space. By turning it into gas, the Space Guild Navigator would consume it. The goal is that they can see through space and time to avoid collisions with other planets and other objects.

Baron Harkonen himself once stated that, “who can control the spices, then they will be able to control the whole universe.” With the various benefits and abilities given to its users, as well as how Melange can become a source of economic income for them, it’s only natural that many kingdoms are fighting for each other to get Melange. They also don’t hesitate to spend a lot of material to explore and get a lot of Melange.

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