Get to know Lilith, the Main Villain in Marvel’s Midnight Suns!

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One of the games introduced at the moment of Opening Night Live Gamescom 2021 is Marvel Midnight Sun. Published by 2K, the game itself was developed by Firaxis, which is a game studio that also developed the franchise XCOM. If most Marvel games feature familiar characters, this time fans will be presented with characters that may not be too well known.

Although many characters are familiar, there are also characters who have often appeared in various media. The story itself is basically how the Marvel heroes try to defeat Lillith and her army, who have been resurrected from the dead. Most of the Geeks maybe you don’t know Lilith, because she rarely appears other than in comics

Then, who exactly was Lilith? Lilith is a very powerful wizard in the Marvel universe. Actually, Marvel itself has two versions of Lilith. The first version is that Lilith is Dracula’s daughter. While the second version, just like in the real world, Lilith is the mother of all demons. Studio Firaxis himself has confirmed that a second version of Lilith will appear in the game Midnight Sun.

Lilith the mother of all monsters first appeared in 1992’s Ghost Rider #28 and was written by Howard Mackie and Andy Kubert. Unfortunately, the exact origin of Lilith herself is still not known for certain. However, according to the comic Ghost Rider Spirit: Demon Mother by Ed Brisson, it is believed that Lilith is very old.

It is even mentioned that Lilith has existed since the first life on earth appeared. There is also another story that says that Lilith was Adam’s lover, and that Lilith existed even before the earth was created. Adam and Lilith lived in heaven. Unfortunately, Lilith’s attitude angered God. And the angels were ordered to kill Lilith’s children, namely the Lilins.

Lilith also had to be expelled from earth and thrown into hell and Adam then got a new partner, which was none other than Eve (Eve). However, it wasn’t long before Mephisto, the ruler of hell, managed to manipulate Adam and Eve, and destroy humanity. In other sources it is mentioned that Lilith is a member of the Heavenly Host and the wife of Lucifer.

Lilith helps Lucifer in his war against heaven. However, he had to lose the war that sent him, Lucifer, Pazuzu, and Asmodeus to hell. Lilith herself had many children from Mephisto. However, because Mephisto had grown tired of him, Lilith was finally expelled from negaka. There is a story that says that this made Lilith finally seduce Adam and then they had a child who later became known as Mazikim.

Centuries later, Lilith begins to have a close relationship with humans. She was sometimes considered a goddess in some eras while in others, Lilith was considered a witch. It was unknown what Lilith’s true intentions were at this time. There are several stories about Lilith that mention that she once fought against the early Midnight Sons team.

There is also a story that says that Lilith is one of the people who created vampires in the Marvel world. In the modern era, Lilith has become a terrible villain for those with magical abilities as well as a demon hunter. at events Rise of the Midnight Son who appeared in 1992, Lilith is said to have been released from prison in Leviathan.

Midnight Suns from Marvel's Firaxis to be released next year – Monorailnew

Lilith then tries to open a portal that will flood the earth with demons. Blade, Ghost Rider, Morbius, and the other heroes then join forces to take on Lilith and her army. And finally Lilith was defeated and Lilith then combined her power with other villains like Zarathos and Centurious. However, in the end Lilith was defeated and locked up in another dimension.

Recently Lilith was ordered to join Count Dracula and become a member of the Vampire Nation to rule over British territory. Lilith helped make the vampires’ home and base on the moon, but fortunately Captain Britain’s actions managed to thwart Dracula’s efforts. The vampire army is destroyed, Dracula is killed, and Lilith is sent back to hell where she joins Mephisto.

Lilith has extraordinary abilities, ranging from super strength, super speed, teleportation abilities, has a very broad knowledge of witchcraft and various other magical things, and she is also able to raise Lilin’s army. Based on this, Lilith is truly a terrible villain and deserves to appear in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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