Get to know Jasa Raharja Insurance, from Guarantee Coverage to Claim Method – The rate of motor vehicle accidents in Indonesia, especially in big cities, is still quite high.

In order to reduce the burden on victims of motor vehicle accidents, PT Jasa Raharja (Persero) provides protection in the form of insurance, through the Traffic Accident Fund Compulsory Contribution (SWDKLLJ).

This insurance is indirectly paid by the driver every year.

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Based on Law no. 34 of 1964, traffic accident funds given to victims varied depending on the degree of injury suffered.

Quoted from the official page Compassionate Service, there are two social security programs provided by Jasa Raharja.

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First, the Passenger Accident Insurance of Public Transport Equipment which is implemented based on Law no. 33 of 1964 concerning the Mandatory Fund for Passenger Accident Insurance

Second, Legal Liability Insurance Against Third Parties implemented by Law no. 34 of 1964 concerning the Road Traffic Accident Fund.

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The following is information about Jasa Raharja insurance:

1. Scope of Guarantee

Public Transport Passenger Accident Insurance given to every legal passenger of public passenger transportation who has a personal accident caused by the use of public transportation.

Compensation is given as long as the passenger concerned is in the transportation, namely at the time of boarding from the place of departure to getting off at the destination.

For passengers of public motorized vehicles (buses) that are sinking the ferry, then the bus passengers who are victims are given double compensation.

Meanwhile, for victims whose bodies are not found and/or lost, the settlement of compensation is based on the Decision of the District Court.

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Legal Liability Insurance Against Third Parties given to every person who is outside road traffic transportation, who is a victim of an accident due to the use of road traffic transportation.

In other words, this compensation is given to victims who have an accident while using a private vehicle.

However, if the driver who has an accident causes the collision of two or more motorized vehicles, neither the driver nor the passenger of the vehicle is guaranteed in Law Number 34 of 1964 in conjunction with Government Regulation Number 18 of 1965.

This includes pedestrians or drivers/passengers of motorized vehicles who intentionally break through the rail gate that is being used.

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2. How to claim?

To make a Jasa Raharja insurance claim, there is a submission procedure that must be followed. Here are the steps:

  1. Complete the form and personal data
  2. Forms and personal data can be filled out online at
  3. Make sure the documents and proof of claim are valid and complete
  4. Documents will be checked and the compensation application process will begin

Remember that the maximum limit for submitting a claim to Jasa Raharja is 6 months after the accident.

The right to compensation is no longer valid after 6 months since the accident occurred.

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Compensation amount

Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. 15 and 16/PMK.10/2017 dated February 13, 2017, the amount of compensation for victims of land/sea/air traffic accidents is as follows:

  • Died : IDR 50,000,000
  • Permanent Disability (maximum): IDR 50,000,000
  • Maintenance (maximum): IDR 20,000,000 (land and sea transportation) IDR 25,000,000 (air freight)
  • Reimbursement of funeral expenses (without heirs): IDR 4,000,000
  • Additional benefit of first aid fee reimbursement: IDR 1,000,000
  • Additional benefit of reimbursement of ambulance fees: IDR 500,000

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Compensation is given to the heirs with the following priority scale:

  1. Official Widow/Widower
  2. His legitimate children
  3. Legal parents
  4. If there are no heirs, then the funeral costs are given to the organizer

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Premium payment system

Premium payments in the Jasa Raharja accident insurance program are known in two forms, namely Mandatory Contributions and Mandatory Contributions.

Contributions must be imposed on passengers of public transportation such as trains, airplanes, buses and so on.

Each passenger who will use public transportation pays a mandatory fee which is combined with transportation costs when buying tickets or paying transportation costs, and this collection is carried out by each operator (manager) of transportation facilities.

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Especially for passengers of general motorized vehicles in the city, and short-distance trains (less than 50 km) are exempt from paying the Mandatory Contribution.

Contributions must be quoted or charged to the owner/entrepreneur of a motorized vehicle.

Mandatory Contribution payments are made periodically (every year) at the Samsat office at the time of registration or STNK renewal.

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Compassionate Service

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