Get to know Cyborg Superman in the DC Universe!

Superman is one of the most famous superhero characters from the DC Universe. As a founding member of the Justice League, he is the strongest and most important superhero to protect the universe from any threat of attack. While Superman is best known as the Kryptonian Kal-El, many other versions of Superman are scattered across several DC saga, including Calvin Ellis who is best known as Black Superman, Ultraman who is the evil version of Superman on Earth-3, and the zombie-like Superman named Bizarro. Among all the versions of Superman, there is one version that is fused with a robot, he is Cyborg Superman.

Cyborg Superman debuts in comics Superman Adventure #465 by Dan Jurgens in 1990. His real name is Henry ‘Hank’ Henshaw, he’s not really a kryptonian and wasn’t born superhuman, he’s just a pilot of one of LexCorp’s spacecraft, Excalibur. Everything changed after he and the rest of the Excalibur crew, including his wife Terri, were exposed to cosmic radiation which caused the plane to crash. As a result of this incident, only Terri survived, while Henry and his entire crew experienced a tragic incident where their bodies were destroyed leaving only his mind.

After all of his crew died, Henry’s thoughts of trying to survive managed to get into LexCorp’s computer and master the technology. He then goes to Terri who has been saved by the real Superman, and reveals her current state. However, Terri who could not bear to see Henry’s condition went crazy and eventually died. The aimless Henry then enters the Birthing Matrix, the plane that brought Superman to Earth as a baby, with this plane Henry gets Superman’s DNA and then leaves Earth.

With all the tragic events that happened to him, Henry assumes that everything is the work of the real Superman and wants to take revenge on him. However, after learning that Superman has been killed by the Apocalypse, he then pretends to be Superman on earth and intends to destroy Superman’s reputation. Cyborg Superman’s powers are the same as the original Superman, only he has a cyborg consciousness that allows him to control technology.

Recently, Cyborg Superman re-appeared in the ongoing comic that is Justice League: The Last Journey by Chip Zdarsky and Miguel Mendona. Appearing in issue #4, Henry aka Cyborg Superman looks even cooler with his green skin and purple neon lights, while making him look scary and scary as Superman. In this issue, Cyborg Superman appears with his squad in Apokolips to disrupt the Justice League which is trying to hide and protect Lobo from the bounty hunters in the universe.

The presence of Cyborg Superman reminds us of the Marvel Universe version of Ultron, only Cyborg Superman is a robot or cyborg who has kryptonian power because he has Superman’s DNA he got from the Kryptonian Birthing Matrix. Is it in the comics? Justice League: The Last Journey This Superman Cyborg will battle the real Superman, and prove who is the strongest Superman in the universe? Everything will be answered in the comics Justice League: The Final Journey #5 Released on September 14, 2021 later.

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