From Ariel Tatum Back to Anya’s Adult Scene, Here Are 5 Fun Facts About the Finished Film – Infidelity in the household seems to have become commonplace in our environment. This is also raised in Film Finish, a film directed by Tompi and starring Gading Marten, Ariel Tatum and Anya Geraldine which airs on the Sinema Online platform.

Although the theme is general, Tompi as the director said that it is the way this film is packaged and also the point of view of delivering the message in this film that makes it different. Not only that, here are 5 fun facts about Finished Film, which makes this film different from other films.

Fast manufacturing process and limited locations

Made during a pandemic, the filming of the Finished Movie had to be done quickly and in a super limited location. The crew and cast had to catch up on time and successfully complete filming within 7 days.

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This is the reason Gading Marten is believed to be the main character in the finished film

During the shooting process, only use no more than 5 locations. Due to this limitation, Tompi has several times combined several scenes into one long scene. “So there weren’t three to four scenes that I combined into one, but it was really fun,” said Tompi.

Bring Ariel Tatum back to acting

The film Finish is the moment of Ariel Tatum’s return as an actress. Tompi as the director who chose Ariel Tatum as Ayu, the main character in the film Finished. According to Tompi, even though he hasn’t acted in a long time, he is confident in Ariel Tatum’s acting abilities.

“So it’s like this, if I personally say okay, it’s impossible not, because I know he has acting skills,” said Tompi. According to him, working with people who can act makes it easier to work on a film.

Anya Geraldine gets a challenging role

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Gading Marten and Anya Geraldine in a Scene in the Finished Movie.  (Doc: Online Cinema)
Gading Marten and Anya Geraldine in a Scene in the Finished Movie. (Doc: Online Cinema)

Anya Geraldine plays Anya, where she plays Mrs. Broto. Broto is the main male character played by Gading Marten. According to him, this is the first time he has acted as an antagonist.

“So this is over, this is one of my first films where I became the antagonist,” Anya said at an online media meeting, Monday (9/8/2021). In addition, in this film, Anya Geraldine is challenged to have an adult scene with Gading Marten.

vulgar dialogue

As already mentioned, that this film raises the story of infidelity. There’s even an adult scene in it. So it contains dialogues that sound vulgar. But, don’t worry, even so, Film Finished can still be watched from the age of 16 without parental assistance.

Limited view

Finished Film has a limited release starting August 13, 2021 in Online Cinema. Currently, tickets can be ordered on the website, or through the Online Cinema application which can be downloaded on the App Store or on the Google Play Store. Don’t miss watching the Finished Movie, OK!


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