Flood Promo When Indonesia Shops for Tokopedia Birthday Souvenirs, There’s BTS and NCT Dream, you know!

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The fun thing is, this August 2021 you will be treated to massive shopping with Tokopedia! Get ready, Tokopedia will celebrate its 12th anniversary on August 17, 2021. To enliven this special moment, Tokopedia held It’s time for Indonesia to shop for Tokopedia’s 12th souvenirs.

Save the date! It’s time for Indonesia to shop for Tokopedia’s 12th souvenirs will take place from August 17-31 with peak promo on August 17.

It’s time for Indonesia to shop for Tokopedia’s 12th souvenirs will present various interesting promos in the form of Special Collections from 50+ brand, Cashback 100x Fold up to 100 Million Rupiah, Free Shipping with GoSend up to Rp 50k, and Pursue 12 All-in-One Discounts that are ready to be enjoyed by people throughout Indonesia.

Not only offering attractive promos, Tokopedia also provides entertainment in the form of interactive TV programs studded with top stars. K-Pop fans certainly don’t want to miss this one TV show, because Tokopedia will present cool oppas from two well-known idol groups. It’s impossible not to watch, right?

Let’s not be more curious, let’s see the series of excitement It’s time for Indonesia to shop for Tokopedia’s 12th souvenirs!

WIB TV SHOW Special for Tokopedia’s 12th Anniversary

Wow, straight to the funniest part! At the peak of the promo later, Tokopedia will present a Special Birthday Event for TV Indonesia Shopping Time (WIB) which will air on national television RCTI and NET on August 17, 2021 at 19:30-21:00 WIB.

WIB TV Show This special edition is guaranteed not only to entertain the general public, but also to pamper its fans fangirl K pop. The reason is, apart from being enlivened by top Indonesian artists, there will be performances of two mega stars from South Korea: BTS and NCT Dream.

Yup, you read that right! BTS and NCT Dream will again entertain K-Popers. Not only that, you can also watch exclusive BTS and NCT Dream content on Tokopedia Play on 18, 24, and 25 August 2021. Take note of the time and date.

Flood promo for 12th Tokopedia Special WIB TV SHOW

Not only entertained by homeland artists and K-Pop idols. During the 12th Anniversary Special WIB TV SHOW Tokopedia later, Tokopedia presents a myriad of shopping promos, you know! Get ready to be flooded with treats from Tokopedia.

During WIB TV SHOW, you can enjoy the program Chasing Discount Serba 12 which presents a selection of attractive products from various categories at a price of only Rp. 12 at certain predetermined hours. It’s really cheap!

There is also a promo in the form of Cashback 100x Fold up to 100 Million Rupiah which is perfect for those of you who want to shop for various dream items.

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In addition, during the WIB TV SHOW, Tokopedia will provide a special promo Tokopedia and Gojek’s Children’s Collaboration in the form of a 90% GoFood Discount plus Free Shipping, Free GoSend Instant Delivery service up to Rp. 50 thousand, and 10% cashback if you connect the GoPayLater service to your Tokopedia account. Very tempting isn’t it?

Gebyar Special Collection: Exclusive from 50+ Famous Brands

From the middle to the end of this month, your shopping will be served by Tokopedia via Special Collection Excitement. Exclusively, Tokopedia launched more than 50 brand well-known brands such as Smith Berlin, Compass, Thermos, Wearing Klamby, and many more starting on August 17th.

In addition, from August 17 to 31, 2021, Tokopedia will also present many other collections of various types brand famous.

In order not to miss it, you must check the Tokopedia application regularly. Who knows, your favorite brand will also be in the Gebyar Special Collection.

Well that’s the series of fun It’s time for Indonesia to shop for Tokopedia’s 12th souvenirs which is a pity to miss.

This sensational birthday promo is a form of Tokopedia’s appreciation. Moreover, Tokopedia has been building a dream where economic equality can be achieved through technology, where people start their future business, for 12 years. Loyal customers and partners have helped develop the Tokopedia ecosystem.

Come on, be a part of the celebration It’s time for Indonesia to shop for Tokopedia’s 12th souvenirs, enjoy a flood of big promos from Tokopedia!

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